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Zeta Pre-Sales | User Guides


This page is intended for marketing users to understand a step-by-step tutorial for creating campaigns in the ZMP with dedicated links to guide you along that process which are listed in the tables below.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Daniel Eisenhut: Group Vice President, Strategic Solutions at

Segmentation Building

Article Name


Segment Operators for Building Segments

Building Audiences with User Properties

Building Audiences with Campaign Response Data

Building Audiences with Online and Offline Events Metadata

Building Audiences around Unknown Site Visitors

Types of Segments

Setting Calculated Engagement Scores related to Events

Propensity Scores Predicting Future Behavior

Audience Performance Forecasting by Channel

Auto-Exporting of  Audiences

Content Management

Article Name


Asset Library for images and documents

Using Resource Groups for Category based Cross Channel Recommendations

Managing additional Relational Personalization 

Building Master Email Templates

Building Repeatable Content Blocks for easy cross campaign content management

Scripting Language for advanced personalization use case and transactional emails

Coupon Management and Distribution

Campaign Building

Article Name


Available Campaign Types (Adhoc/Recurring/API Transactional)

Available Channel Overview

Building a Campaign from Scratch

Subject Line Optimization

A/B/N Testing

Campaign Proofing Options

Campaign Tags to group campaigns for segmentation or reporting

Pausing and Resuming Campaigns

Send Time Optimization

Organizing Campaigns for easier Search

Channel Automation

Article Name


Experience Builder Overview

Entry and Exit Criteria for Frequency Management of Participation in Experiences

Using Prebuilt Experience Templates for Quick Start

Experience Node Functionality Overview

Editing running Experiences

Experience Builder Reporting Overview


Article Name


Campaign Report Builder

Prebuilt Report Templates

Deliverability Reporting

Campaign Heat Maps

Send Time Optimization Report

Customer Lifecycle Insights

Understanding Customer Behavior via Zeta Data Enriched Attributes

Understanding Your Brand Values and Customer Alignment to Your Brand Values

Geographical Overview where your prospects and customers shop

Revenue Attribution Reports by Channel and Attribution Model

Terminologies and Training Videos

Article Name


Overview of all Training Videos available

Zeta Glossary of Terminologies used in ZMP

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