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Content Snippets

Standalone reusable code pieces, also known as Snippets, have forever been the source of added functionalities for coders across all spheres. Reducing the time it takes to type in repetitive information while coding, snippets also help you to not add an unnecessary layer of complexity to the workflow. The Zeta Marketing Platform has its own reusable content snippets of HTML that you can use across multiple templates to make changes to content in one location and have those changes reflected across all templates in which the snippet is referenced.

1. From the menu on the left, navigate to Content > Snippets. Click on New Snippet on the top-right.

2. Type in the code for the snippet to the HTML editor or click on < >Insert Snippets to paste a snippet content.

3. Some special links are also available for use in the code or content. Click on Save.

  • Add a name for the snippet, the name will be the same as used in the merge tag created by the platform. This field is restricted to 50 characters and the only special characters allowed are hyphens and dashes. 

  • The description should narrate what purpose the snippet serves. This field is limited to 200 characters.

4. As the snippet is saved in the Snippets library, you can select multiple snippets from the list and apply bulk actions of archiving, sharing, renaming, and deleting them altogether.

5. You can also apply different filters for better searchability of the snippet that you’re looking for.

Points to Remember

  • Snippets cannot currently reference other snippets.

  • Both the HTML Editor and Visual Editor give marketers access to the content snippet library.

Considerations for Visual Snippets Created Prior to June 1, 2021

To make the custom font available in a visual snippet which was created prior to June 1, 2021, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the visual snippet and edit it.

  2. Save the visual snippet (even if you don’t change the selected font family name)

  3. Navigate to the content which references that visual snippet.

  4. Delete the visual snippet.

  5. Add the visual snippet back to the content.

  6. Save the content.

  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for all content which reference this visual snippet.

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