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Prime Time Optimization

Prime Time is ZMP's send-time optimization feature. When enabled in a broadcast campaign, prime time will attempt to optimize the send time of the campaign for each individual member in your audience to help improve open rates.

Initially, with a new audience, prime time is effectively random and spreads the send out pretty evenly throughout the send window. Over time, the platform will learn the engagement habits of individual audience members and will begin to focus on the following "hot spots" for each member:

  • Engagement is measured by an hour of the day and the day of the week.

  • Lift is measured against a 20% control group that the platform deploys at random across the primetime window.

  • Opens recognized as Server Opens via IP are not considered for calculating Prime Time.

1. From the menu on the left, select Campaigns > Broadcast. Click on New Campaign.

2. Name your campaign and click on Next.

3. After filling in the particulars, select Send > Later and put the Prime Time toggle on.

4. Fill in the Time and Date when you want Prime Time to be initiated.

Send to control group is at random and across the primetime window. This is not a burst send, but a staggered send to ensure that there is no bias established for a specific time. This also makes our system adaptive to changing consumer patterns for new time window of engagement as they evolve.

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