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Campaigning Channels

It is a boon for every marketer to be able to reach the exact target audience with information of their interest or need. While generating leads, raising brand awareness, improving conversions, and more are the goals every marketer envision, choosing channels suitable for certain types of audiences might be the only key. While some channels are cut out for specific objectives and customers, others are set up differently depending on what they’re capable of doing. As such, it is imperative to know which channel to use when before implementing the best practices to achieve a particular goal.

To this end, the Zeta Marketing Platform helps you orchestrate marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Let’s have a look at all of them in detail:


The email channel can be selected when the campaign needs to be deployed via email. Using the email channel requires a From Address to be configured and confirmed before it can be used. Your audience must also have an Email Address for a contact value in order to be able to receive the campaign. 


The SMS channel can be selected when a campaign needs to be deployed via SMS or text message. To obtain a new sender short code, reach out to your account team. Your audience must also have a valid phone number as a contact value in order to be able to receive the SMS campaign.

Read more about SMS Campaigns

Two-Way SMS

Two-way SMS capabilities allow you to automate real-time customer conversations in the Zeta Marketing Platform, including quick-response surveys, mobile opt-in workflows, appointment confirmations, and more. This feature is available in Broadcast Campaigns and Experiences.

Two-Way SMS Campaigns

1. Create a new SMS Broadcast campaign.

2. Once a user replies to the SMS message, it will trigger the sms_reply event.

3. Once the event is triggered, a second SMS message will be sent as a confirmation message, for instance.

  • All SMS replies via the native SMS solution will appear in a person's journey as the event sms_reply.

  • Within the event, there are a variety of campaign-related properties based on the last sent campaign as well as the reply_text which contains the customer's literal response.

Two-Way SMS Experiences

1. Select an Action Node and create a new SMS campaign.

2. Once a user replies to the SMS message, it will trigger the sms_reply event the same way it would for a regular broadcast campaign.

3. The user can also select sms_reply as an event under the Event Node section.

Reporting Metrics

Hard Bounce

This count represents those identified as invalid numbers by the mobile carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc)

Soft Bounce

This count represents those that are identified as valid numbers by the mobile carriers, but the specific handset could not be reached for 72 hours.


This count represents those that were suppressed downstream of the ZMP before reaching the mobile carriers.

For more information on Reporting & Metrics, refer to Report Builder and Metrics & Dimensions.


The ZMP can deploy push notifications via an integration with our Mobile SDK and Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging. For more information on setting up push notifications, reach out to your account team.


The webhook channel allows you to deploy a campaign API request to any other service with an available API. This channel is only available for Trigger campaigns.

There are two request methods available: POST and PUT. The URL field should contain the URL of the API endpoint you intend to hit. Authorization can be added to the request as well either with Basic authentication or header-based authentication. 

Channel Manager

In addition to the above available channels, users can opt-in to use the Channel Manager with CDP Plus, which allows for use of additional custom channels in Experiences and Campaigns.

To know more about the Channel Manager, including setting up a new channel, click here.

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