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Audience Builder: Forecaster

ZMP Forecaster allows omnichannel audience forecasting in the Audience Explorer.

Omnichannel Audience Forecasting

ZMP Forecaster allows you to analyze and predict outcomes for your audiences across a variety of Zeta Channels.

1. As you head on to the Audience Explorer and customize your desired audience by adding in the available filters, the Forecaster tab shows up on the right.

  • You can view the forecast for the last 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days by clicking on the respective subtabs.

2. Scroll down to see the entire forecast.

3. You can select your desired forecasting metrics by clicking on the action menu against the Programmatic section.

4. Download the forecast for the chosen time frame by clicking on the download icon on the right of the period subtabs.

  • This will open up a panel on the right revealing the downloading options.

The downloaded (or not) forecast given by the ZMP Forecaster will ultimately boost your confidence in each decision you make to ensure that it's the right one!

SMS Forecasts



SMS Total Sends

How many unique messages will be sent

Click Throughs

How many users will click a link in a SMS Message

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