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Campaign Pause & Resume Feature

Please reach out to your Account Manager if you would like to enable this functionality

Pausing underperforming campaigns to divert the budget to the ones that are doing well, has been the logical understanding of most marketers for ages. To that end, the Zeta Marketing Platform now offers the ability to Pause and Resume Live Broadcast Campaigns. The goal of this feature is to empower Marketing teams with more agility and control in the campaign deployment process. Users can also pause live broadcast campaigns to make edits, and then resume the campaigns to the remaining audience.

When pausing a campaign, the platform will auto-generate draft campaigns. Ones who have received the erroneous copy can easily send a follow-up.

How to Pause a Campaign?

1. From the Navigation bar on the left, select Campaigns > Broadcast

2. Select an actively sending broadcast campaign from your list

3. From the upper right corner, click on Pause Sending

4. You will get a pop-up asking you to double-check. Select Pause to continue with pausing the campaign or select Cancel to cancel the request.

Settings that can/cannot be Modified while a Campaign is Paused


  • Content

  • Subject, Preview Text

  • Reply To, CC, Bcc

  • External Link Tracking, campaign codes

  • Custom KPI’s, Tags


  • Target Audience

  • Channel, Scheduale, Launce Types

  • Add Version/Variate

  • Option to De-Dupe

  • Prime-Time Option

  • Max Send Rate

Automation that takes place upon Pausing a Campaign

  • When a pause is initiated, it auto-generates a follow-up campaign targeted at people who already were sent the campaign.

  • The pausing also auto-generates a set of lists that corresponds to each version of the campaign and includes users to whom the message is already sent. These users can be used as a target audience for drafting a follow-up campaign.

The follow-up campaign draft is automatically generated along with the target audiences linked to each version, for your convenience.

  • The auto-generated lists follow a naming convention, so you can easily locate them on the Segment Listing page in the future. The naming convention for the generated lists should be in the following format:

    • In Send phase:

    • In A/B/n Test phase:
      <campaign_name>_<version_number>_test_audience_sent_<timestamp> where version number follows the convention of v1, v2, v3

  • The auto-generated campaign follows a naming convention, so you can easily locate them on the Campaign Listing page in the future.

  • A Campaign Status update notification is triggered to the subscribed recipients in the account.

How to Resume a Campaign?

Within the paused campaign, you have the option to:

  • Resume Sending - Resuming will start sending the campaign right away from the point it was paused

    • A recurring campaign scheduled to be sent daily at 10 am and typically takes 30 minutes to send, if paused at 10:05 and resumed at 16:00, will start sending right away when resumed and will be sent by 16:25 (the subsequent send time is computed based on the schedule definition and the current time)

Resuming a campaign will not re-compute the audience. It will continue to use the audience that was computed at the time of the initial launch. Any changes to audience, segments, lists in the target, or global suppressions during the paused state will not affect the audience of this campaign when resumed.

  • Abort & Archive - The campaign will be aborted and added to the archive list.

Pause & Resume - In the Test Phase

If resumed before the duration of the Test Lapses:

  • The system will wait for the test to finish and continue as usual, except that the test duration will be shortened by the amount of time paused

If Resumed after the duration of the Test lapses:

  • If the test was partially sent, the winner is determined based on those who received the test, and the remaining is sent along with the winner

  • If the test was fully sent, the winner is determined and kept ready and sent as soon as resumed

A list with the following naming convention is autogenerated targeting those who received the test:


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