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How do I Curate the Perfect Content?

With the crazy volume of content being uploaded on the internet each day, we can’t blame the web users for becoming picky with the content they want to see. Not all content marketing needs to directly promote the product, some might even showcase how the product will change the customers' lives in the long run.

While you are most likely not the only one offering your products or alike in the market, it’s either way hard to stand out with generic content, or to time and again develop information unavailable elsewhere. Using email templates might be your best chance at offering content that drives value and thereby, gains your customers' undivided attention.

In the light of the same, the Zeta Marketing Platform gives you the ability to create and reuse email templates in multiple campaigns. Its advanced template editing features can help you create or edit email templates using an easy-to-use Visual Editor or an HTML editor (for advanced users). Let’s quickly take a look at how you will use the Visual Editor to create a simple yet effective email template. 

To know more about content creation and management in the ZMP, refer to this article.

Create your Desired Template

1. From the menu on the left, select Content > Email Templates. Click on New Template > Visual Editor.

  • Feel free to choose from any of the pre-configured, basic design templates that appear on the screen, and skip to Step 8 of this Content Integration Guide.

  • If not, follow the subsequent steps to build your content from the scratch.

2. Click on Start from Scratch and enter a title for your template.

  • As you can see from the right region, templates are made up of Content, Rows, and Settings.

  • We’ll use the default settings for now.

3. Go to the Rows tab and drag a two-column row beneath the existing single-column row within your created template. Add another single-column row after.

4. Next, move forward to the Content tab where you can select different types of content and drag them onto the previously added rows.

  • Here, I have dragged a text block into the first row, the left column of the second row, and to the third row.

5. In the first text block, delete the default text and type “View Online”. Then, select the text again and click on Special links > View Online to add a link for users to view the message in the browser.

6. In the second text block, add an offer tagline you want to attract your customers with. This will be used as our Call to Action (CTA).

7. Drag the image option from the content tab to the second row’s placeholder, where we were yet to add the content type.

  • Upload an image by browsing through your library or directly drag the image file to add it to the template.

8. As you continue to flesh out the rest of your content for the template (created or chosen), don’t forget to click on Save.

9. Once you’ve saved the template, click on Preview to take a final look at the email template, in both its desktop-version and mobile-version views.

  • From the drop-down of preview options, you can further preview your template’s Litmus view or send yourself a test email using the template.

10. Once you’re done previewing and are happy with your content, close the preview and then close the edit template window to see your template ready in the master templates library.

With the chaos of content creation now behind us, it’s time to look ahead to finally Create a Single-Version Email Campaign.

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