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Zeta Pre-Sales | Materials


This page is intended to help your IT Team understand the tasks at hand to evaluate efforts for onboarding the ZMP during the Pre-Sales process. Click on the link to dive into each topic noted within the tables.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Daniel Eisenhut: Group Vice President, Strategic Solutions at

Account and User Settings

Article Name


Single Sign on Setup 

User Management and Permissions

Email Sending Settings/Frequency Capping/Suppressions

Global Link Tracking Parameter Settings

Multibrand Parent/Child Setup

Data Structure Overview for Retail/E-Commerce Customers

Article Name


Onboarding Overview

Data Mappings for Imports 

How to bring in Data from different Data Sources

File Based imports

Data Transformation/ETL Jobs

Define and Configure Identifiers

Review connection status inbound/outbound

Setting Identity Rules to merge customer and prospects

Example Users with Identifiers and Properties

Example Event structure for tracking customer interactions

Example Product Catalog and Content Structure

Prebuilt 3rd party Channel Integration Partners 

Creating new outbound 3rd party Webhooks 

Exporting Custom Audiences to Social and DSP networks

Zeta Attributes Tracked for Users and Events

Standard Export of Channel Event Timestamps for 3rd party DWHs/Bis

Website Tracking Integration Guide


API Overview

Terminologies and Training Videos

Article Name


Overview of all Training Videos available

Zeta Glossary of Terminologies used in ZMP

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