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Container Tag Implementation Guide

“To understand the best is to work on its implementation” - Jean-Marie Guyau

While implementation guides elaborately lay out the procedures to use a resource, additionally supporting and clarifying its usage, our ZMP implementation guides are completely focused on the application of the Zync Container tags. On that note, the PDFs attached to this document will clearly guide our clients on how to implement Zync Container tags within their websites.

Container Tag Bundle Implementation Guidelines

Use the following PDF for all the required guidance on implementing Zync Container Tags:


Implementation Follow-up

  • Alert your Zeta Global Account Manager upon the tag implementation confirmation

  • If a pre-production sandbox environment is available, provide it along with the relevant credentials

  • If tags are on production pages, confirm the webpage URLs from which the tags should be reviewed

  • Zeta will view the webpages using a web debugger, and check back-end platforms and databases for activity in order to verify successful implementation

Tag Management Supplemental Guide

Use the following Supplemental guide if you are using a Tag Management system within your site:


Technical Support

For any issues/concerns, file a ticket to, and our team will be there to resolve them at the earliest.

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