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DSP Analytics

Data has witnessed a lot over the past decade to become big, and just like that business intelligence revolutionized enabling us access to the cloud. While insightful and actionable data visualizations in form of interactive business dashboards took the driver’s seat, the data product chain was democratized with the rise of self-serve analytics. Sooner than we knew, advanced analytics was no longer just for the analysts. Companies of all shapes and forms do not anymore ask whether or not they need increased access to analytics, rather what is the best analytics solution for them and their customers.

While data visualizations improve analyses, Zeta has always sought the best way to tell each data story. The Analytics Central in Zeta DSP offers a single place in our platform where all users can quickly and easily understand performance in order to make insight-informed optimizations. This section of the DSP User Guide provides details on the available reporting features in DSP, covering:

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