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Types of Campaigns

“Launch and Learn. Everything is Progress.” -Danielle LaPorte

Campaigns in the Zeta Marketing Platform have all-time been a key to organizing, automating, and deploying acquisition, marketing, and transactional programs. These campaigns can in general be categorized into two primary kinds: Broadcast and Trigger.

Broadcast campaigns can be considered as messages being sent out to an entire preset audience at the same time or over a small window of time. On the other hand, Trigger campaigns are 1:1 event-based messages received by individual subscribers based on their past events or series of events called behaviors.

Trigger campaigns can also be organized using the Experience Builder. Review this section for more information on ZMP Campaigns. 

Now that you know what these two different types of campaigns encompass, let’s have a look at the significant differences between them, noted in the table below:




Trigger Type


One of more segment(s) and/or list(s)

Newsletters, broad offers, Adhoc announcements

Scheduled one-time, time-based recurring, SFTP file drop, API-Triggered



Welcome, Abandoned cart, transactional notifications 

Event-based, real-time

For detailed information on each of the two types of campaigns, have a look at the following pages:

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