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Step 4: Daily Budgets

Once you’ve set up the pricing lines and assigned budgets to the Flights of your campaign, move on to the Daily Budgets tab within the Campaign Builder to can set the Pacing type and Daily Budget for each Line Item.

To do so, click on the Daily Budget column.

  • Choose a daily budget for the Line Item and a Pacing Type from the dropdown.

Daily Budget Pacing Options: Learn More




Pace Ahead

(warning) Setting the daily budget below the $10 cap will display the following warning:

Tactic Allocation

Next, you can choose how to distribute a given Line Item’s Daily Budget across active Tactics using the Allocation setting.

To do so, click on the Allocation column and select the Tactic Allocation method.

When you choose to manually allocate the Tactics, please note that the allocation must sum to at least 100%

Tactic Allocation Methods


  • The Optimized allocation method automatically balances the spend amongst the Line's Tactics.

  • This method lets the DSP AI allocate delivery amongst your tactics to maximize the overall performance. Similar to the legacy Grouping option, here, the AI considers all of the tactics while deciding when and how much to bid.


  • With Even allocation, each active tactic receives an equal proportion of the budget.

  • Paused tactics do not contribute here. When you pause or resume a tactic, the DSP updates the bidding technology immediately.


  • With the Manual allocation enabled, each tactic is displayed with a corresponding percentage box.

  • Manually enter the percentage of the budget that should be allocated to each tactic.

  • After you've set the Daily Budgets and specified the Pacing and Tactic Allocation types, click on the Save button in the upper-right corner to save your campaign as a draft.

  • Click on Continue to Goals & Tracking at the bottom of the screen to continue building your campaign.

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