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Data Governance

“Governance allows organizations to use critical data to drive the organization.” - Dick Taylor

Marketers know that data is essential to their tech stack. However, data can easily be mismanaged if there isn’t a data governance framework in place to ensure you’re adhering to guidelines both internally and externally. Zeta understands how important it is to treat data carefully and securely.

Data governance builds trust between data providers, brands, and consumers. As a data provider, Zeta understands our responsibility to protect user data and work to adhere to privacy laws in the jurisdictions where we do business. Zeta takes data governance very seriously to ensure we’re a compliant and trustworthy partner. Let’s have a look at how different parts of the platform work to keep data secure:

Audience Creation

Using Data Cloud segments can increase your audience’s reach significantly. However, these extra targeting parameters must respect internal and external data governance guidelines in order to be exported outside of Zeta.

When using Unified Audience Explorer to leverage this data, you’ll be notified upfront if your segment selection may render your audience ineligible for export to certain destinations.

1. Within the Unified Audience Explorer, select Zeta Data to search for Prospect Segments to build acquisition audiences or enrich customer audiences.

2. While searching for attributes, you’ll see an alert upon hovering over a restricted segment. If the number of destinations is less than or equal to 5, they will be listed. Otherwise, the names of the destinations will appear in the alert.

3. For Demographic Filters, the restricted segment alert will appear on the main screen instead of the segment selector.

4. Upon selection of a restricted segment, you will continue to see an alert in your list of selected targeting criteria.

5. If you decide to exclude a restricted segment, you will be able to export to most destinations unless otherwise noted.

Audience Export

Learn more about Exporting Audiences.

Once you save your audience, you can use it for various actions throughout ZMP, including exporting it to be used elsewhere.

Since this feature uses Zeta Data, it will be limited to export to partner and programmatic destinations (ie, the raw data won’t be accessible via email or cloud storage).

1. Navigate to the Audiences & Lists page to find all your created audiences for customers and prospects.

2. On the row for your selected audience, click on the action () menu and select Export to open the panel to the correct tab.

3. If your audience contains restricted segments, you will not be able to select any destinations that were listed in the warning you saw in Audience Explorer. In this case, you would only be able to export this audience to Zeta DSP.

Experience Builder Sync Action Nodes

All segments that have restrictions listed in Audience Explorer also apply to Split By Zeta Segment.

For accounts with Data Cloud features, you can leverage Zeta Data in Experience Builder to segment people who flow through your automated workflow. These people are then eligible to be exported to Zeta DSP or our third-party partners.

1. Open Experience Builder and create a new experience, either from scratch or from a template.

2. After adding a trigger event and your desired nodes, select Splits > Split By Zeta Segment to show a list of behavior segments from Data Cloud.

3. If you select a Zeta Segment that has restrictions, you won’t be able to use Experience Builder to sync to the relevant destinations on the Member side of the split.

You can check Audience Explorer for segment restrictions before you begin building your experience.

4. Similar to Audience Explorer, you can use the Non-member side of the split to sync to the relevant destinations.

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