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Zeta Customer Intelligence Streamlit Application

Downloading the Application

The application can be downloaded and installed from Marketplace using the GET button and selecting the proper warehouse. 

The user needs to have a profile with name and email to get the data if user profile does have issues with the installation of the app.  

(warning) Please ask your account administrator to complete your user profile. 

Running the Application  

Once the application is installed, navigate to Apps and select the application to run.

This will execute the background script and run the application in the browser under the STREAMLIT_APP tab. 

The Seven Plots



Match distribution 

  • This plot will show the Zeta customer record.

  • Matches based on email, name and phone. 

Data Signal Matches 

  • This plot represents percentage based enriched categories.

  • Zeta can enrich upwards of 96% of records. 

Transactional Category 

  • This plots provides a view of transactional patterns over time seen in Zeta data.

  • This plot is interactive and user can view different timelines. 


Price Sensitivity Scores Across Age and Income Band 

  • This plot provides Zeta Price Sensitivity score for customer records across age and income bands. 

Omni-Channel Reach 

  • This plot provides the optimal channel mix and strategies for customer. 


 Click Behavior of the Day across Months  

  • This plot provides engagement of customer records intra-week and across months. 

Conversion Predictions 

  • This plot provides conversions, predictions, and comparisons based on different clients. 




Matched to Data Cloud

Count of records matched to Data Cloud.

Not Matched to Data Cloud

Count of records not matched to Data Cloud. 


Count of records with a behavioral signal in the Data Cloud.


Count of records with a professional signal in the Data Cloud.


Count of records with a location signal in the Data Cloud.


Count of records with a transactional signal in the Data Cloud.


Count of records matched to Data Cloud using email.


Count of records matched to Data Cloud using phone. 

Using the Application  

If you're interested in using Zeta’s Customer Growth Intelligence application with your first-party data, please follow the process below:




Contact Zeta.

If you would like to use your data in this application, please contact


Open a data share with Zeta.

This application requires data to be enhanced with Zeta data.

System administrators should grant access in the application to access the required data for enrichment and analysis.

Data is isolated and secure.


Share the consumer account name with Zeta.

Zeta will enable the Zeta views to the application where it can visualize enriched data in the application UI under the consumer account.

Customer vertical should be communicated then, Zeta will select competitors for comparison.



There are variety of graphs that can be added to the application.

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