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Triggered Campaigns

Besides being 1:1 event-based campaigns that cater to a single subscriber based on their past events or behavior, Triggered Campaigns are also the building blocks of Experiences, which allow for chaining and decisioning between messages on a 1:1 customer basis. 

Triggering 1:1 Emails using API

API-triggered campaigns can be as easily activated as mentioned in these two steps:

1. Create the Event via the API:

  • The event parameter in the API will be the name of the resulting event in the platform.

2. Create a Campaign or Experience that is triggered by the subsequent API.

Trigger Scheduling

1. From the menu on the left, select Campaigns > Triggered. Click on New Campaign.

2. On the subsequent page, choose the channel and launch type of your preference and scroll down to the Send section.

The Trigger messages come with the following scheduling options:

  • Immediately: Sends whenever the event happens.

  • With a delay of:

    1. Every time the user qualifies - A delay based on when the event happened.

    2. Not more than - Delays the trigger for the subscriber until some time before or after an indicated date/time parameter passed over with the event.

3. Click on Activate to launch the campaign. You can also choose to save it as a draft.

The campaign will be auto-archived after 30 Days

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