It doesn’t matter how good the content is if nobody ever sees it!

While your customers and leads are consistently bombarded by email, the key to getting them to open, click and engage with your emails is to make it worth their while. Needless to explain why a high open rate leads to more engagement, it is also important that recipients willingly open their emails before taking other actions. And this is where subject lines and their optimization comes into play.

A perfect subject line must convey your message without giving all the information away, but also convincing your recipients to spend time on your email and connect with your offering. Words are powerful enough to positively/negatively impact your score.

Since emails are delivered at scale, AI can help guide marketers for the most effective subject line copy specific to their customers. Zeta is here to provide insights on subject lines entered by you based on our learnings of previously resonated messages. ZMP also lets marketers view the most impacting words and tweak them in the subject line for better open rates. All in all, Zeta does the entire work for you! Let’s have a look at how:

1. From the menu on the left, select Campaigns > Broadcast. Click on New Campaign.

2. Name your campaign and click on Next.

3. Navigate to the Content & Audience tab and click on Zeta AI Insights on Subject Line under the Subject FIeld.

  • A panel for insights will appear displaying the best practices for you to draft your subject line.

4. Alternatively, you can add in your own subject line and let the platform score it based on its set best practices.

  • You can keep making changes to the subject line in order to score better.

  • You can also do an A/B Test to compare the results and choose better.

To learn more about this feature, watch this short demo.