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Release Notes

As days go by, software development is becoming more and more fast-paced. Every time the development team makes some changes to the application, they need to disseminate the information through different channels. When brought under the same umbrella, all these enhancements, new features, and bug fixes in the form of release notes tell the current users why the new release is important.

While there are more frequent releases than ever, topping the list of prerequisites is keeping all the stakeholders informed about the changes in the product. As the Zeta Marketing Platform is evolving over time, below is a monthly review of improvements made within the platform. With utmost transparency assured, we want to communicate these updates to you all.


Configure Multi-account Connections for Audience Exports

For brands with more than one account on a third-party ad network (Facebook, Google Ads, Yahoo DSP), can now easily configure multi-account connections for each partner integration on the Connections page. When ready to export, there’s a new account selection step that will determine the audiences that populate in the destination.

NOTE: If these accounts are already set up via the Keys & Apps page, they will be automatically migrated so no automated exports or experiences will be interrupted.

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Locked Content Controls for Email Editing

New role-based permissions allow Zeta customers to lock specific regions, modules, and display conditions of an email template and ensure they are editable only by permissioned users. These controls help keep messages on-brand and compliant. E.g., locking regions avoids inadvertent modification to standard sections of email content such as headers, footers, and legal language.

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[BETA] Create New Data Flows from the Connectivity Canvas

The ability to add new data flows directly from the Data > Connectivity tab is now available. Choose a data mapping flow if your data is already prepared for ingestion or design an ETL flow to clean your data before ingesting it into the ZMP. If you are interested in opting into this beta or want to learn more, please reach out to your Zeta Account Team.

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Experience Builder Enhancements to Event Filtering and Throttling

Some new enhancements are available in the Experience Builder that will optimize your workflows and unlock more use cases. These updates include:

  • Support for tags in campaign events: Track campaign events based on campaign tags in triggers, events, and exit criteria instead of being restricted to a specific campaign or any campaign. Any link with a tag is also now supported in exit criteria.

  • Use ‘Delay via Throttle’ across any trigger: The Delay via Throttle feature now works for all trigger nodes, not just Use an Audience. Configure your throughput down to the minute — the smaller your timeframe, the smoother your throttle will be.

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[BETA] Export File Visibility

Within the Data > Connectivity tab, you can now visualize the specific data types exported via files from the ZMP. You can also access a tabular summary of all exports under Data > Files. This enhancement provides greater visibility and data transparency.

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[BETA] Import File Visibility

Within the Data > Connectivity tab, you can now visualize the specific data types imported via files into the ZMP. You can also access a tabular summary of all offline and in-platform file uploads under Data > Files. This enhancement provides greater visibility into your file imports for better data transparency.

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[BETA] Map Website Tags Against Your Data Sources

You can now visually locate website tags under Data > Connectivity alongside all your other data sources and destinations, providing greater transparency.

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Recurring Audience Selection Triggers in Experience Builder

The enhanced Use an Audience trigger node in Experience Builder now enables scheduling on a recurring cadence. You can now passively trigger users into an experience daily, weekly, or monthly, with the option to only trigger incremental users since the last run.

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Organize Your Experiences with New Filters and Columns

New columns and filters have been added to the Experience Builder listings page to help you find workflows more easily. This feature allows you to filter by status, date, tags, or creator and locate your most relevant, active experiences quickly without relying only on search.

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Email, Media, and SMS Forecast Widgets

New email, media, and SMS forecast widgets are now available in the dashboard. Building upon the existing forecasting solutions, these new widgets help optimize budget allocation, plan resources, perfect campaigns, and analyze ROI. With these dashboard additions, you will gain real-time access to vital insights, enabling more data-driven decisions.

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Create Segments using Experience Events in Audience Explorer

Experience Eventsentered, exited, and skipped — are now available as filters in Audience Explorer. This allows you to create segments based on experience activity across one or more workflows. These segments can then be tracked*, allowing you to use them in Experience Builder as Segment Entry/Exit or Split by Audience nodes.

*Existing tracking limitations, such as time filters and multiple events apply.

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See All Models Used in an Account

A models list is now available providing a detailed overview of all AI models utilized in the platform, offering key insights into their underlying architecture and usage patterns. Located under “Data” in the main navigation, this comprehensive repository provides greater transparency into our AI-powered solutions.

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Enhanced Customization for In-Page Campaigns

New options have been added to the in-page campaign audience selection rules, giving you the power to finely customize content delivery to audience preferences. This update includes the addition of nested sub-rules, enabling more nuanced targeting. Additionally, the introduction of a "custom" recommendation strategy provides the flexibility to hand-pick eligible resources or select pre-defined resource groups, ensuring your content is precisely tailored to your specific audience.

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Resource Groups

You can now save a set of resources with common characteristics as a Resource Group. Whether you’re working with resources in the UI, via API, or through recommendation merge tags, this feature allows you to group resources together and filter by group. Use Resource Groups to streamline your operations, save time and reduce error, and improve productivity.

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Advanced Location-Based Segmentation

We have enhanced audience segmentation capabilities by allowing you to exclude specific locations based on city, state, zip code, or latitude/longitude. This functionality is available for both customer and prospect location filters via text and map interfaces. Our platform accommodates combinations of inclusive and exclusive location filters, providing ultimate flexibility. You can input multiple locations, drag and drop a CSV, and get real-time estimated counts. Elevate your targeting with this powerful segmentation feature.

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Stay on Top of Industry Developments with the News Feed Widget

This new widget in the ZMP Dashboard keeps you up-to-date with the latest news and trends in your industry. Easily access topical articles and information that will help you make more informed marketing decisions. Customize news sources and topics that are most relevant to your business. 

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Revenue Recommendation Card in Calendar View

Revenue Forecasting & Recommendations is now available in Forecaster (in calendar view). Analyze vast amounts of data through advanced machine learning algorithms to forecast revenue, average order total, and total number of orders on a calendar view. This allows you to visualize your campaign-related revenue and make informed decisions based on real-time data. With Revenue Lift Recommendations, predict the potential impact of recommended actions to identify new revenue opportunities and potential campaign optimizations. 

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Zeta Scores are now in Forecaster!

Zeta Customer Propensity Scores have been added to Forecaster (in calendar view). Bringing numerous advantages including data-driven insights and empowering decision-making at different stages of a campaign lifecycle. The addition of Zeta Scores also provides a robust, data-driven foundation for your marketing efforts and strategies. You'll be able to make more informed decisions, predict and better assess campaign outcomes, and efficiently allocate resources to maximize ROI. The new scores include: 

  • Price Sensitivity - Low, Medium, High

  • Conversion Propensity - Low, Medium, High

  • Propensity to Purchase online - Low, Medium, High

  • Time to Next Purchase - Today, This Month, Next Month, This Quarter

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[BETA] Data Flows – Tabular View

This new tabular view displays all your inbound and outbound data flows to and from the Zeta Marketing Platform. This view complements the existing visual diagram, making it easier for you to understand the sources, vendors, channels, and locations associated with your data workflows, at a glance. 

Note: This feature is currently available in beta. If you would like it  enabled on your account, please reach out to your Account or Client Services team. 

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Boost Productivity with Report Builder Templates  

Say goodbye to tedious report creation and hello to faster, more efficient data analysis! With 24 new Zeta Report Builder templates (organized by industry and report type) and the ability to create your own, your team can quickly and easily access the data they need to make informed decisions and optimize campaigns. Use this powerful new feature to save time and improve results. 

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Uncover New Insights with Test & Control Group Reporting  

When you create test and control groups within your campaigns, you can now begin tracking the performance of each group in Report Builder. This allows you to see how different segments of your audience respond to your marketing efforts, giving you valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t.  It also saves you time by unifying all data analysis in one consistent and user-friendly interface. Try this new feature today to measure the impact of your marketing campaigns more thoroughly. 

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Stay on Top of Industry Developments with the News Feed Widget 

We are excited to announce the addition of a news feed widget to the ZMP Dashboard. This widget allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in your industry. Easily access topical articles and information that can help you make more informed marketing decisions. You can also customize the news sources and topics displayed to be most relevant for your business. 

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Enhanced Campaigns at a Glance Widget 

This latest update will elevate your campaign analysis experience.  The Campaigns at a Glance widget has been redesigned to provide you with more flexibility and convenience. With the redesign, we have combined three existing widgets into one, allowing you to track and analyze campaigns that are most important to you. Plus, with the ability to add as many widgets to your dashboard as desired, you can create a customized view of campaign performance, helping you optimize and drive better results. 

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Report Previews in Custom Widgets 

Within the ZMP Dashboard, we are adding visual content previews for custom widgets with embedded reports from our Business Intelligence or Opportunity Explorer tools. We’re thrilled to launch these powerful enhancements to elevate your dashboard experience. Happy exploring and visualizing! 

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Experience Builder Enhancements  

Three new enhancements have been added to Experience Builder to optimize your workflows: 

  • You can now use Behaviors natively, which will allow you to listen for multi-faceted events such as triggers, events, and global exit criteria. You can combine account events using OR, AND, or FOLLOWED BY operators, and a user must satisfy all requirements before they can enter or move forward in the experience. 

  • To match recent changes to activating experiences later, you can now schedule the deactivation of an experience. If you need to end an experience on a specific date, you can configure this anytime the experience is active. 

  • You can also now archive experiences when you no longer need them. Archiving an experience will also archive all campaigns in the workflow. 

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Split by Property Node Operator Enhancements 

We have enhanced the Split by Property node in Experience Builder so you can target users by new data types and an expanded list of operators across existing data types. Most notably, we’ve introduced date data types, which allow you to segment based on properties that use timestamps, such as birthdate, purchase date, or creation date. Additional data types include negative operators (e.g., does not equal), partial match operators (e.g., starts with), and value exists/does not exist. 

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Dynamic Recipients for Email and SMS in Experience Builder 

You can now override the To: field in both triggered email and SMS campaigns created in Experience Builder. Use Zeta Markup Language to pull in alternate contact information derived from events to target users related, but not equal, to the person who completed the event. Previously only available in our legacy triggered campaigns editor, this feature allows you to target secondary contacts for events, such as friend referrals and hotel confirmations. 

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People Search Qualifiers 

We now allow users to limit their search results on the People page to a specific field/identifier for cases where a single value may return many results due to the similarity of certain identifiers. Users can now search for first name, last name, full name, BSIN, contact values, email, user_id, or unique client ids, and results will be returned more quickly. 

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Revolutionize Your Reporting: Introducing Report Narratives  

Creating reports can be a time-consuming task, especially when communicating complex data to stakeholders who may not have the same level of technical expertise. With the new Report Narrative feature in Report Builder, you can see a clear narrative for each of your reports, making it easier for your audience to understand the insights you’re presenting. Simply select your report parameters, and the corresponding narrative will automatically generate. Try Report Narratives out for yourself and see how this tool can revolutionize the way you present data and communicate findings to your stakeholders. 

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A/B/n Testing for Custom Channels 

We have expanded our A/B/n testing feature in broadcast campaigns to include any channel. This allows you to split the audience and send different content variants for both native channels (email, SMS/MMS, push) and any custom channel created via Channel Manager. 

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Streamline Your A/B Test Analysis with Report Builder 

We’re excited to announce the addition of new A/B Test dimensions in Report Builder. Now, you can access all your A/B testing data in one convenient location, making it easier to understand and analyze campaign performance. Try it now and see the difference for yourself. 

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New Option to Skip De-Duping Rows in Campaigns 

For situations where you need to send more than one message to a specific individual, the ZMP provides enhanced flexibility to do so. Both file-based and query-based campaigns now allow duplicate rows at the user_id level (vs. requiring multiple files) to qualify a customer to receive more than one message, thereby saving time and reducing opportunity for error. 

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Channel Manager - Optional Form Fields 

Channel Manager now allows you to designate specific form fields as optional, providing more flexibility when setting up new channels and destinations. 

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Access Website Tags (Formerly Zync Pixels) from Your ZMP account 

Within your ZMP account, you can now view, copy, and download your Website Tags (previously referred to as Zync Pixels). This new feature allows you to view the status of each tag (active versus passive) and obtain immediate feedback on crucial metrics such as number of tag fires and unique users observed. 

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Custom Contact-Level Properties 

You can now set properties for contacts using the new “contact_properties” object inside of the existing “contacts” object in your customer files. This feature makes it easier to associate data to an individual contact when that level of granularity is required. 

Note: Your account must have Contact-Level Activation enabled to use this feature. Please reach out to your Zeta Account Team if you need support. 

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Collaborate More Effectively by Sharing Dashboards and Widgets with Your Teammates

With the new share feature in the ZMP Dashboard, you can now easily share dashboards or specific widgets, depending on your needs. As always, the Dashboard provides real-time updates, so recipients will always see the latest data when shared. Whether you’re working with colleagues in different departments or sharing data within your team, the share feature helps you communicate more efficiently without compromising data security or privacy. Try it out today and see the benefits for yourself! 

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Streamline Content Engagement Analysis and Share Insights More Effectively with Downloadable Link Maps 

Link Maps are visual aids that offer valuable insights into what content is driving clicks. With our new download options, sharing Link Maps is easier than ever. Simply download your Link Map as a PNG, PDF, XLSX, or CSV file and embed your findings into presentations and retrospectives.

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Set Audience Selection as an Experience Trigger 

The new Use an Audience trigger in Experience Builder allows you to push an entire set of people into an experience at once, combining the power of journey orchestration with the control of audience selection and Broadcast Campaign functionality. After the audience is triggered, each person will move through the experience asynchronously so you can continue to provide personalized campaigns based on specific events they complete. 

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DID YOU KNOW... ZMP Can Now Generate Subject Lines? 

Exciting news! The ZMP now has the ability to generate subject lines for your marketing campaigns. Using cutting-edge technology from OpenAI, our tool takes into account your campaign history and tone selection, as well as our advanced subject line scoring model, to suggest subject lines that are sure to inspire you. And if you're in a hurry, you can even use our pre-made subject lines straight out of the box. Give it a try and see how easy it is to create engaging subject lines that will grab your customers' attention! 

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Boost Your Marketing Productivity with Portable Experiences 

We are thrilled to announce a cutting-edge addition to the ZMP that will revolutionize how marketers manage their user experience journeys across multiple accounts. With Portable Experiences, marketers can now effortlessly replicate an entire user experience journey, including all associated actions and related objects, from one account to another. Moreover, this feature allows marketers to keep the experience linked to the source when shared from a live experience, meaning any changes made to the copied experience can be seamlessly applied back to the original.  

The benefits of Portable Experiences are game-changing for marketers who manage multiple accounts and want to ensure consistency and efficiency in their user experience journeys. It reduces the risk of manual errors or inconsistencies, simplifies the onboarding process, and ensures seamless experience management. 

Please contact our customer support team for more information or to schedule a demo. 

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View All Your ZMP Data Sources and Destinations from a Single Location 

We have added a new unified view of all your incoming and outgoing data flows to/from the Zeta Marketing Platform. With this visual diagram, you can see the types of sources and vendors you are ingesting data from as well as the channels and locations where your data is ultimately activated. This connectivity canvas provides greater transparency and control over your data flows.

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New Churn and LTV Dashboard Widgets 

As marketing organizations mature, they seek more AI/ML-based insights to evolve their data strategy. To that end, Zeta has released new out-of-the-box churn and lifetime value (LTV) models to help you prevent churn and identify your most valuable customers. Available as widgets on the ZMP dashboard, these models refine audience segmentation and targeting. 

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Manage Approvals for Your Experiences Directly in the ZMP 

Experience Builder allows you to build elegant and complex customer journeys, but they may require approval before deployment. With our Experience Approval Management workflow enhancement, you can now review experiences, change status, and leave comments directly in the ZMP without needing to manage the review/approval process elsewhere. 

Contact Support to have this feature and Campaign Approval Management enabled for your account. 

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Message Frequency by Sender Domain

We have expanded our options for setting message frequency to include sender domain. This allows users to set a limit of messages within X number of days for every user from each domain, providing marketers with finer control over email reputation and subscriber fatigue. 

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Reference Resources from Audience Explorer 

We have expanded our audience creation and segmentation options to allow referencing Resources (e.g., products, stores, articles, etc.) when building audiences. This feature adds tremendous efficiency and scalability in targeting when recategorization or other updates happen to Resources. 

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Audience Selection Enhancements in Proofing and Review 

We’ve made several enhancements to our proofing and review processes including: 

  • Users can now preview the first 100,000 rows in their audience for one-time campaigns 

  • Automatically-generated previews are now based on your target audience 

  • When generating proofs, users can now select any type of customer segment, enter specific user_IDs, and/or select seedlists as recipients 

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Audience Exclusion Based on Campaign Events

You can now easily exclude people from your campaign audience based on their interactions with another campaign or set of campaigns. For instance, you can limit the audience of a follow-up email to those who did not open or click a link in a previous campaign. With this enhancement, simply select your audience inclusion/exclusion criteria under the Content & Audience tab, eliminating the need to create one-time segments and simplifying the overall campaign creation experience. 

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New Propensity Audiences and Changes to Demographic Audiences

Changes have been made to improve the clarity and findability of demographic and propensity segments in Audience Explorer. Former demographic segments focused on propensities have been moved to a new Propensities section, where each audience includes sub-segments for people who are most likely, moderately likely, and slightly likely to exhibit a behavior, ultimately giving marketers more control over the accuracy and reach of propensity targeting. In addition, Zeta’s demographic audiences now include inputted demographic data to boost accuracy and reach. 

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Make “Cents” of Your Marketing Forecast

We are excited to announce that we’ve added a revenue forecast for each campaign tied to the Zeta Marketing Platform’s calendar view, so you can easily see the financial impact of your marketing efforts. Use this new insight to set more realistic goals, track campaign performance, optimize your strategy for revenue generation, and determine the ROI of your marketing initiatives.

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New Options and Analytics Designed to Improve Your Experience Builder User Experience

We’re excited to share new updates to Experience Builder that give ZMP users more control over experience entry/exit criteria and campaign performance measurement. Experience Options gives you an unprecedented level of targeting control for your workflows. Set entrance criteria based on previous entrances (lifetime, simultaneous, and recent) and/or segmentation criteria (e.g., segment membership and people properties). And set global exit criteria that automatically eject people who complete an event that no longer qualifies them for your experience at any point in their journey. 

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Building on Experience Options, we’re evolving Analysis Mode to provide new ways of viewing experience metrics. Track both early exits and node-level exits for more granular data, aggregate top-level metrics across activation periods, get channel-specific metrics at the campaign level, and switch to People View to measure the efficacy of workflows by person.

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Display Names for Profile Properties 

We’ve added a new Display Name field within People Properties, which governs the property names shown within a customer profile. This optional enhancement gives marketers the ability to use friendly names for specific properties, making their data more transparent and intuitive. 

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Schedule Your Experience Activations Ahead of Time

Finished building an experience but still a few days away from launch? You can now schedule activation for a future date. While experience activations still default to “Now,” you can adjust the scheduling by selecting “Later” and choosing a specific date/time.

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Campaign Throttling by Time 

You can now set the duration of campaigns by enabling the Set throttling by time toggle and inputting the number of hours under the Launch & Options tab. With this enhancement, you no longer have to calculate the maximum send rate manually. 

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Get Immediate Visual Feedback on Data Transformations During Onboarding 

When onboarding your data through Data Flows, the ZMP’s low-code, industrial-grade rapid ingestion framework, you can now visualize the output of data transformations directly in the platform using sample data. This enhancement eliminates the need to create an external testing sandbox, thereby accelerating your development process and time to market. 

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Copy Data Flows Between ZMP Accounts

After ensuring that your data flows transform and process data correctly in your staging or development ZMP account, you can now automatically copy the data flow (i.e., duplicate the connections and transformation nodes in the flow) to your production ZMP account. By eliminating the need to copy data flows manually, this enhancement saves you time and reduces the risk of error. 

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Set Maximum Send Volumes at the Campaign Version Level  

You can now limit the number of recipients at a contact level for each campaign version by enabling the Set maximum send volume toggle under the Content & Audience tab. The campaign version will then be sent to eligible recipients and, once the maximum volume has been reached, deployment will cease and the remainder of the audience will not receive the campaign. This new feature allows you set audience volumes that align to budget or campaign requirements and eliminates the need to check counts manually, saving time in your workflows. 

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Audience Exclusion Based on Campaign Events 

You can now easily exclude people from your campaign audience based on their interactions with another campaign or set of campaigns. For instance, you can limit the audience of a follow-up email to those who did not open or click a link in a previous campaign. With this enhancement, simply select your audience inclusion/exclusion criteria under the Content & Audience tab, eliminating the need to create one-time segments and simplifying the overall campaign creation experience.

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Sent Email Campaign Preview

You can now view sent email campaigns and see how they render to recipients. When hovering on the thumbnail of a deployed email campaign, a button now appears to open a preview screen where you can review and validate the content.

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A/B/n Testing Enhancements

We have expanded the Zeta Marketing Platform’s A/B/n testing tool for broadcast campaigns with the following capabilities: 

  • For the email channel, optimization may be based on clicks or opens by default. However, if your account has been set up to track conversions and revenue, these two metrics may also be used as the basis for A/B/n testing. 

  • In addition to email, you can now conduct A/B/n testing for SMS/MMS based on clicks and for push notifications based on clicks or opens. 

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Track Conversions and Revenue for Your Website’s In-Page Activity

Zeta has released conversion and revenue tracking for all website in-page campaigns so you and your team can more efficiently track performance across your assets and optimize where needed. If this is something you’re interested in, make sure that your website  in-page placements include click pixel data from recommendations and have a lookback window of at least 30 days. 

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SMS/MMS Sender Number Selection

ZMP accounts can now have multiple sender numbers. You can select which number to send each SMS/MMS campaign from, allowing you to have separate message conversations with your customers. Please contact to set this up on your account.

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Configure Identity Rules for Your Customer Profiles with Identity Manager

Identity Manager is an intuitive, marketer-friendly tool for configuring identity rules that consolidate disparate records from multiple sources into a single, accurate customer profile. It enables you to set and modify merging rules and exceptions, review rule changes and view key metrics at a glance—ultimately providing more transparency and control over identity resolution and customer record creation. 

Identity Manager is available for Zeta CDP clients. Please reach out to your account team if you have questions or would like more information on how to have Identity Manager enabled on your account. 

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Organize Third-Party Customer IDs with Ease using the Live ID Graph

The ZMP now supports additional identifiers. Connect secondary keys to corresponding Zeta profiles as unique identifiers to easily manage and merge records into a single view within Zeta CDP+. If you have any questions or would like this enabled on your account, contact your Zeta Account Manager.

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New Transparent Alert System for Segments and Audience's Ineligible for Export 

To provide greater transparency, we’ve introduced an alert system for segments and audiences that may not be eligible for ZMP export based on Zeta's data governance guidelines and our partners' audience targeting policies. When creating an audience in Audience Explorer, you’ll now see upfront whether a particular segment is ineligible for export to certain destinations, along with a list of those destinations. This warning system will also apply to experiences that use the ‘Split by Zeta Segment’ and select a restricted segment. If you had planned to use an ineligible segment or destination for export, you can then decide whether to change your targeting parameters or use an eligible destination, such as Zeta’s DSP. 

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Search and Filter in the Dashboard’s Activity Feed

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added a search and filter feature to the Activity Feed widget on the Dashboard. Gone are the days of scrolling through activities to find what you need. You can now quickly and easily search for specific activities or filter them by campaign, segment, file import, and more. 

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Microsoft Azure Blob Storage is Now Available as an Export Destination 

We have expanded our destinations for audience and report exports to include Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

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Forecast and Plan Your Campaigns like Never Before with Forecasting Calendar 

The more we know about an audience and how past behavior defines it, the more precisely we can forecast the outcome of an individual or series of campaigns. New in the ZMP, Forecasting Calendar enables you to visualize multichannel campaigns across weeks, months, and even years based on forecasted metrics you define. Best of all, the Forecasting Calendar spans owned and paid channels for a true omnichannel calendar and forecast. 

  • Forecast metrics that matter most, including opens, clicks, conversions, and spend 

  • Apply modeling to improve churn, propensity scoring, and other identified KPIs 

  • Share forecasted insights with C-level executives for strategic business planning 

If you would like this enabled on your account or have questions, please reach out to your account team.  

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Contact Activation & Filtering 

Activation just got easier and more precise for people with multiple contacts such as email addresses. With the new Contact activation and filtering functionality, you can filter and activate at a contact level. For example, If a person has both a work email address and a personal email address, you now have the option to select the preferred email for activation. This enables more targeted engagement to connect with the right contact, every time.  

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Contact Lists

An extension of the recent contact activation and filtering functionality, Contact Lists allows audience upload, creation, or generation from existing audiences of contact-based lists. These Contact List audiences can then be activated or exported.  

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[Feature Sunsetting] Text Block in the Visual Editor

Announced last year, the title and paragraph content blocks will replace the text block in the Visual Editor (shown below). The text block will be removed at the end of January 2023. Existing text blocks in email templates will continue to work after this change. 

If you have any questions about this update, please contact your Zeta account team.

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