While the customer is always right, it’s paramount to always find the right customer!

To that end, Zeta leverages the collected customer data in multiple use cases such as campaigns and experiences for effective targeting. ZMP provides you with propensity scores to help improve your customer-targeting mechanisms, thereby enhancing your business outcomes. For example, with price-sensitive score-based segmentation, you can target concerned users with discount messaging while price-insensitive customers can be pitched in with loyalty-type messaging. Similarly, with purchase channel preference scoring, you can target users with their preferred vertical-themed messages.

You can use Zeta propensity scores for both prospect and customer audiences.

From the menu on the left, navigate to Audiences > Segments & Lists. Click on Explore Audience.

  • Within the Audience Explorer, click on {client name} Data > Propensity Scores. Choose the types of scores you want to segment the users based on.

  • Once done, set your desired scores and click on Save.