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PersonaPulse is a tool within the ZMP Opportunity Explorer that helps you find high-value prospects who will align with your brand's values.

Reach out to Winnie Shen for a custom client implementation.

From the Opportunities page, navigate to the PersonaPulse tab under Customer insights.

Click on the (info) to review all the 46 psychographic brand values available before choosing one.

  • The top section in red is the brand value selected where the brand can pick and choose those values that best align with your brand.

  • The blue section is the Zeta-identified values that we find organically to be most prevalent amongst your customers.

  • The charts show the percent of customers who overlap with one up to all five of the values that either the brand selects or we select, distinguished by the rows, which are the actual lifetime values of these customers.

With this data, you can find and engage prospects that also align with your core values or our identified values that we find organically. You can also customize and align your messaging to the values of your existing customers.

You can also activate customer segments from the PersonaPulse Forecaster:

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