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Businesses that derive value from data have always had an edge over the competition and continue to do so even today. In order to leverage the value of data and be able to offer connected customer experiences, companies have started embracing digital transformation by adopting new technologies and opening doors to new integrations and acquisitions. The kind of integrations that enable users to connect faster and streamline transactions with their customers, thus improving the ease of doing business, is the kind that you need! To that end, the Zeta Marketing Platform has partnered with AIrship to send across push notifications that matter!

To create and adapt powerful app experiences that accelerate customer understanding for next-level personalization to capture more business value for everyone involved, Zeta has partnered with Airship, a leader in the space of push notifications with proven scale and a significant integration footprint. With this, we are leapfrogging our mobile app strategy and in no time, expanding to deliver data-driven personalized experiences to you all. Owing to this integration with Airship, you now have a multitude of options for push notification solutions to choose from:

  • Deliver and report on mobile push messages

  • Send push notifications to Android or iOS through the familiar interface of building Broadcast Campaigns or Experience Builder

  • Retrieve push notification events and track your campaign’s performance through Report Builder

Reach out to Support to enable the Airship integration for your ZMP instance and to start sending push notifications.

Using the Airship Integration

1. Navigate to Settings using the cogwheel in the upper-right corner and select Integrations from the left-hand bar.

2. Scroll down to Integrations to locate Airship and click on Configure.

3. Login using your Transactional and Promotional tokens.

4. Once configured, navigate back to the ZMP homepage (by clicking on the Zeta logo on the top-left) and select Campaigns > Broadcast from the menu on the left to configure Push Notifications.

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