Our new knowledge base is on its way!

Hi, ZMP users!

While getting traffic is a win for most, for us at Zeta, the real deal is to keep viewers on our page and make sure they’re smiling all the way scrolling through.

“Are we communicating the right messages?”
“Are we leading our customers down the right path?”
“Are we even connecting with them at all?”

As and when these questions started to boggle our minds, we decided to no more delay the revamping of our knowledge base. No matter how intimidating it seemed at the start, we knew it would be worth it all!

We well understand how our knowledge base is quite often the first impression Zeta will make on you all. To ensure that we’re not outdated or out of the loop, we are updating. While small updates here and there can of course help keep our content fresh, they can never substitute for a full revamp. The entire point after all is to stay relevant with what we write here and deliver the exact right impression of Zeta.

While we’re working on revamping our knowledge base, we’ll want to hide the progress before the big reveal. However, we are publishing quality content pretty consistently and won’t absolutely mind if you want to have a look at some of our new pieces:

How do I Create and Launch a Single-Version Email Campaign?

How do I Curate the Perfect Content?

How can I Create and Deliver the Ultimate Experience?

There’s definitely a lot more on the way, and you can be the first one to view it all if you keep visiting the ZMP Knowledge Base!

We sincerely hope you’re gonna love it!

Have Questions? Don’t worry, we’re always here!