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How-To: Use Postman & API Calls


Postman (API client)


Use Postman and API to test an email triggered from an event (e.g., ‘Welcome to the Program’) and have it triggered to the person who signed up, to confirm it is working correctly.


The below instructions are intended to help users navigate the Postman’s UI and make API calls.


Download Postman

  1. Download Postman @ Download Postman | Get Started for Free

  2. Click Products> click the 'Get started free' option.

  3. Create an account.


  1. Navigate to Workspaces to send a new API request.

  2. Click New> HTTP Request

  3. Navigate on another tab to Identify a User · Zeta Marketing Platform (

  4. Click Track an Event below ZETA Rest API.

  5. Copy the URL below Definition://


  1. Navigate back to Postman.

  2. Change the drop down 'GET' to POST.

  3. Paste the URL to the right of POST

ZMP Settings

  1. Copy Site ID  ZMP account id found under Settings> Integrations> Site Id

  2. Update URL

  3. Click Save. Save to Collection (Your library): (Create New) API Test> Save.

  4. Click Authorization heading.

  5. Change Type to Basic Auth.

  6. Add Username: api

  7. Add Password (found in Settings > copy the Rest API Key)

  8. Paste into password in Postman.

  9. Click Headers to add request type (what we are sending) and response type (what we want to see back).

Key > type Accept

Value > application/json

Key > Content-Type

Value >application/json

10. Click Body header and click Raw (raw json) dial button.

API Guide

  1. Navigate to API Guide and scroll down to examples. Copy the JSON - brackets and data info within them.

  2. Paste that into the body.

  3. Update the "uid" : "enter your email"  

  4. Update the event : "signed_up"

  5. Update the timestamp to current : e.g., "2021-12-03T1:30Z"

  6. Update location to your: "enter city"

  7. Update ring_owner" to "first_name": "enter your first name"

  8. Click Send.

  9. View stats at bottom.


Navigate to ZMP Experiences> Events to confirm the event populated in ZMP.

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