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Google's Customer Match Audiences

The Zeta Marketing Platform enables you to build Customer Match Audiences in Google Ads from your Segments and Lists. To get started, the integration with Google must be configured first.

1. Navigate to Settings using the cogwheel in the upper-right corner and select Integrations from the left-hand bar.

2. Scroll down to Integrations to locate Google (Automate syndication of users in a Segment, List, or an Experience flow to Google Ads as a Customer Match Audience for retargeting) and click on Sign in with Google.

3. Select the account that is tied to the Google Ads account that you want to connect.

4. Once authenticated, enter the Google Customer ID and, if applicable, the Google Manager Account ID.

  • Every Google Ads account has a unique 10-digit Google Customer ID to identify the account. This will be required to connect your account.

  • Some Google Ads accounts are part of a larger manager account, where there can be a hierarchy of account IDs above your Customer ID. You can check for this hierarchy in the top header of the Google Ads UI.

In this scenario, you would need to enter both the Google Customer ID (123-456-7890) and the Google Account Manager ID associated with the highest tier listed (Zeta Glo...).

  • If you see a hierarchy, add the highest tier ID you see as the Google Manager Account ID on the Integrations page.

If you don’t have any ID besides the Google Customer ID, you can leave the Google Manager Account ID field blank and continue to connect your account.

5. After you enter your details, the Google button on the Integrations page will switch to View Details with a green checkbox to confirm you’re connected.

Sync using Automated Exports

Synchronizing Segments and Lists with an Automated Export can be done by following these steps:

1. Navigate to the Segment or List summary from the Audience section on the left sidebar. The process for setting up an export for both a Segment and a List is the same.

2. Locate the segment or list you want to set up an export for, and click on the in-row menu (three dots) on the right side of the UI. Click on Export from the list of options.

3. Here, you can confirm the source for the export. Make sure it's the same as the list or segment you intend to export. 

4. Next, choose the appropriate destination for your export. In this case, we'll use Google Ads.

5. Once Google Ads is selected, a dropdown list of all Google Audiences available in your Google Ads account will automatically show up for selection. If an audience is disabled, then you don’t have permission to edit that audience.

Read-only audiences are by default disabled.

  • If you'd like to create a new Customer Match Audience in your Ad account, simply enter the name and you will see an option to create one in-line directly from the ZMP.

6. Select the desired Google Audience and click on Next.

7. Click on Connect to save the export. Turn the Automate Connection toggle on to schedule your export.

Once you start an export to a Customer Match Audience, you won’t be able to use that audience as a destination again until the initial export is finished.

You can only export audiences up to 85MM to Google Ads. Prospect Audiences will be further matched to email_sha256 identifiers in Data Cloud.

Sync using Experiences

The Experience Builder allows you to both add and remove users from a Customer Match Audience using the Actions node.

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