You can now explore your ZMP campaigns and forecasts within the Forecasted Calendar:

Viewing the Calendar

The Forecasted Calendar view displays the campaigns and forecasts on a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly basis. You can select your specific month, week, or day from the top.

Blank Tiles

Click on any tile with no campaigns in it, to reveal the following options:

  • Click on Create New Campaign and you’ll be redirected to the Campaign Builder.

  • You can also mark a date as a Hot Date to highlight it.

Tiles with Campaigns

Hover over any tile with campaign(s) in it, to reveal the number and types of campaigns:

  • Click on View and you’ll be redirected to the Campaign View where you can as well Edit the campaign.

Filtering Forecasts

You can also filter/sort your forecasts using the following filters for better searchability:


Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Webhooks, Other




Acquisition, Growth, Retention


Active/Scheduled, Sent, Error, Archived, Sending in Progress, Draft, Approval Status

  • The Approval Status can be any of: Ready For Approval, Partially Approved, Approved, Partially Rejected, Rejected


Date Created, Date Modified

Importing & Exporting Calendar

Click on the icon on the extreme right to export or import your calendar:

  • You can export or download the forecasted data in PDF, CSV and ICS.

Cal Export.xlsx

  • You can also upload your own calendar (in ICS format) into the ZMP