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FAQs (Campaigns)

“It’s not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” - Eugene Jonesco

With the aim to respond to your needs more quickly and appropriately, we have jotted down the most frequently asked questions about Zeta Campaigns.



Why haven’t I received a seed for the campaign that was deployed?

This might be due to the large size of the file containing n million records on which the system needs to perform various calculations. These calculations determine the number of eligible recipients within the n million records, identify any exclusion or skipped entries, and filter out records with invalid email addresses; before the campaign’s successful delivery.

I had scheduled a campaign to launch at 8AM ET. It’s 11AM now and is still showing ‘Processing' as its staus. Why hasn’t it been launched yet?

While preparing a campaign for sending, ZMP oversees various checkpoints to ensure the accuracy and completeness of audience computation. Unfortunately, this service, responsible for campaign dispatches, might have encountered errors resulting in your campaign to pause temporarily.

When our system fails to handle such scenarios automatically, our internal team manually reprocesses the affected campaigns, and that might take time. To address these faults, fixes are being implemented in subsequent releases, ensuring the platform's improved performance and reliability.

I observed a liquid_syntax_error for the campaign I was trying to launch. What should I do?

To ensure a smooth and error-free campaign activation, please validate the HTML code before proceeding with the campaign activation. By validating the code, you can identify and address any potential issues or errors that might affect the appearance or functionality of the campaign.

We are getting an unusually high count of unsubscribes on our campaign. How do I check if the numbers are correct?

It is recommended that you remove the "transactional" flag from the campaign. When present, this tag might have been causing the unsubscribes to be incorrectly counted as higher than expected.

By removing the "transactional" flag, the unsubscribe count should reflect a more accurate representation of actual unsubscribes from non-transactional emails. This adjustment will help ensure that the unsubscribe metrics align with the intended scope of the campaign.

How can I create folders under Broadcast Campaigns to lessen the number of files in there?

We currently don’t have a way to create folders within Broadcast Campaigns.

However, there is an ability to add filters and tags as a way to search and organize campaigns.

With teams-based sharing access, does everyone in the team get access to the campaigns and campaign templates?

Sharing access via the team-based sharing feature can be accomplished via Campaigns, Email templates, and Experiences but access needs to be given to individual teammates.

Can a client bring in custom font html without restriction to a ZMP campaign's content?

If the font is supported in email, ZMP will have no issues rendering custom fonts.

Is there a capability to attach documents to emails in ZMP?


Can coupon codes be displayed as a barcode in email campaigns?

Coupon codes can be imported in CSV format, dropped onto the account FTP in the designated folder, and added then added into the campaign creative and previewed as a barcode.

If a campaign is scheduled to send a later time, what triggers it to send?

By clicking on Activate.

  • With the launch type Broadcast when a file is dropped to a server, when is the folder number automatically generated?

  • What is needed to deploy to that step?

  • When the campaign is saved.

  • You must physically place the file on that folder location via the Data Conductor or from client side.

Is there an easy way to follow up with those who have been mailed an email in case, follow up is needed?

When pausing campaigns, a fully editable auto-generated draft campaign is created for those who received the incorrect copy to enable easy follow-up.

Do deployed campaigns get automatically archived after a certain time?

After 30 days.

Can we run reports on archived campaigns?


When creating a multi-version campaign, will the seed list receive each version that is created within the campaign if the same seed list is added to each version?


Is there a max number of seed recipients that can be added to a campaign?

There is no max number of seed recipients that can be added to a campaign. A single seed list can have up to 1000 members, however, the copy paste option allows for adding a max of 100 at a time.

When I resume a send, can I know if the email will resend again to the "Seed Recipients"?

No. Seed recipients are sent at the beginning of deployment.

Is there a limit for how many tags I can add to a campaign?

The tag limit is 10 with a 30-character limit per tag.

Can I tag a campaign after it has been launched? And do those tags retro back to previously launched versions of the campaign?

You can not tag a one-time broadcast campaign after it has been launched.

You can pause a trigger or broadcast based on a file campaign, and add a tag but it will not be retroactive.

Is the Prime Time dashboard module adjusted for the account time zone?

The Prime Time displayed is that of the account time zone.

Can you create a seed list to be added to every campaign by default?

No. You can create a global seed list in Settings and it is available to every campaign, but it must be set for individual campaigns.

What is the default send time, when Prime Time is not set?

The default send time without Prime Time set, is one hour from the campaign build.

Does setting Prime Time delay sending or receiving?

Yes. Setting Prime Time delays sending as the email receipt is based on your propensity to deliverables.

Are the actions of custom KPIs tracked to the recipients or at the campaign level?

They are tracked on the campaign level.

Can you set the ‘Remove Duplicates’ option as a default for all campaigns?

No. This is set at the individual campaign level.

Is the ‘Remove Duplicates’ option only for file drop based campaigns?

The ‘Remove Duplicates’ option exists for all Broadcast campaigns with a purpose to remove duplicates based on unique identifiers of a person (user_id or email address).

Is there a way to see how many records were skipped due to the ‘Remove Duplicate Emails' option being enabled?

You can view the number of skipped records as part of the estimated count breakdown (Duplicate #).

What is the max send rate?

You can only meter per hour and the max send per hour is 100K.

How can I limit/throttle the sending of campaign to a specific number of hours?

While building a campaign, under the Launch & Options tab, you can limit the sending time by enabling Set throttling by time toggle and inputting the number of hours.

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