“The more you engage with customers, the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing” - John Russell

Ever-evolving customer expectations are transforming how every business interacts with its prospects and customers. People are no longer just looking for the product or service, they are also taking into consideration the overall experience and engagement. To ensure proper engagement with all your customers beyond their expectation point, we have introduced the Zeta Engagement Score.

The Zeta Engagement Score is a quitessential customer-level property you can use to personalize your various channel engagements. An engagement score is compiled in real time as users interact with your website in the mapped interest categories. You can furthermore use these category scores to trigger different personalized experiences and messages, or use them to help identify your highest engaged customer audience segments for a more refined and spend strategy.   

Engagement Score Calculation 

For each customer that interacts with your website, you will see an overall engagement score and an individual category-level engagement score. As per the category engagement score ranking, the platform will return the top 3 interest categories for the individuals. 

These scores factor into various user behaviors such as:

  • Types of page visit events

  • Frequency of page visit events

  • Time since the last engagement

  • Specific page interactions like page scrolling 

These scores can also decay over time if the system does not identify any recent trigger events. 

Note that these scores are specific to your customers as tracked by your Zeta CDP account.   

Since the engagement scores are calculated as a sum of the events per user, they can range between 0 to infinite. The higher the score, the higher is the level of user engagement. 

By associating specific audience properties to respective score ranges, you can create customized experiences to make your customers feel special. For instance, an engagement score ranging between 0 to 100 can be considered a low engagement tier, 101-400 a mid-engagement tier, and that above 401 will make up a high engagement tier. Every website will have a different range of scores depending on the number of pages and the overall engagement behavior of its users. 

Play around with the ranges to find the right distribution of users across the segmentations.  

How to set up Engagement Scores?

To get started, you will need to make sure you have the following features enabled across your website:

  • Zeta Pixel

  • P13N library module

  • Track Anonymous Activation (Please request via Hub Support): Enabling this allows unidentified site visitors to be available for activation

  • Engagement Scoring (Toggle: On): Enabling this activates the scoring layer of the events tracked across your users

If you are unable to see these options, reach out to hubsupport@zetaglobal.com to request the enabling of this feature through a support ticket. 

As a part of our new 'single view of the customer' screen, you may also need to let hubsupport flag the newly calculated engagement score properties as a score property attribute where a min-max score range should be defined. You can edit this range in the future when you notice the engagement scores reaching different levels. 

Category Mappings 

Now that you have the scoring feature enabled, you’ll start getting an overall engagement score for every user. You can further get a more refined measurement of engagement on specific categories/interests in your site by mapping some regex rules to trigger custom events. To do this, 

1. Go to Settings within your account and navigate to the Event Mapping section. 

2. Click on New Mapping and define the page view URL to categorize it into an interest category event. 

  • Whenever a user visits the page along with some other behavior rules, the mapped event will be updated with a new engagement score. 

Where to Find the Engagement Scores?

Once the scoring feature is set up and categories are mapped, the system will automatically start calculating engagements. You’ll find these calculated engagements in each customer profile. 

1. Navigate to Audiences > People > Properties.

  • You’ll see categories you’ve mapped along with a prefix of engagement_.  

2. Clicking on View Details will provide you with the score value as well as the last timestamp of when an event was factored in. 

3. If your account is enabled with the new Single View of the Customer screen, you’ll see these engagement score attributes listed out in its own section.

  • The engagement score properties are also available in our standard P13N library calls.

How can I use the Engagement Scores? 

Engagement scores are an easy-to-read measure of users’ engagement with your overall site or individual categories in it. You can utilize these measurements for any of the following applications:

  • Create audience segments that you can syndicate out to other platforms

  • Use as Zeta Experience split nodes

  • Trigger channel engagements like Website Overlays using the API services

Create segments based on these scoring properties 

Split experiences with scores 

We strongly believe that highly engaged consumers identify with a brand and feel a sense of belonging in the experiences they receive. Zeta is here to help you effectively personalize experiences through the much-easy engagement scores. With no further delay, dive deep into customer personas and create the experiences they crave for.