The Deliverability report metrics are focused on how many campaigns are performing from a deliverability perspective. Campaigns are broken down by domain.

In the menu on the left, navigate to Analytics > Deliverability. View the associated report that appears.

Bounce Handling

There are three general categories of bounces:

Hard Bounces

Incorrect or invalid email addresses (domain does not exist, user for a domain does not exist, etc.)

Soft Bounces

Inability to send to a person due to a potentially temporary issue (server down, inbox full, etc.)


Occasionally ISPs will stop emails from getting to their users if they don't trust the sender.

To maintain the Sender IP reputation, Zeta handles bounces with the following rules:

  • Trusted Hard bounces result in marking the email contact as Inactive.

  • Seven consecutive soft bounces without other email response activity (open/click) will also mark the user as Inactive. To ensure that we do not mark an email as Inactive too hastily, the platform only counts a soft bounce every 24 hours for an individual.

  • To handle transient soft bounces (sometimes the ISP only temporarily rejects an email), we read the last bounce sent to us by the ISP.

Report Cadence

Data refresh cadence for the Deliverability Report is noted below:

Every 2 minutes for up to 6 hours after the campaign is sent

Every 6 hours for up to 2 days after the campaign is sent

Every 12 hours for up to 7 days after the campaign is sent.

Every 24 hours for up to 30 days after the campaign is sent.

Analytics for a given campaign in this report are no longer updated 30 days after the campaign is sent.