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CustomerPulse PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is a tool within the Opportunity Explorer data visualization and insights portal, that enriches your first-party data with Zeta’s proprietary insights to identify new customers and maximize revenue opportunities.

CustomerPulse (PII) provides an overview of the purchase intent and visitation of audience members in the Zeta Data Cloud for your brand as well as competitor brands​. By knowing who your customers are and having a pulse on their preferences and activities, you can successfully retain and grow your existing base and reach new customers who are most likely to engage with you.

Pulses are opportunity-driven audience segments generated as Action Cards within the Opportunity Explorer interface​.

With CustomerPulse (PII), you can translate knowledge into action by defining as many segments your agreement permits to compare and explore acquisition, growth, retention, and reactivation opportunities. Simply put, CustomerPulse allows clients to understand their subscribers at a segment level and immediately take action on insights from those segments.

The segments can be static, dynamic, or based on CRM properties (High LTV vs Low LTV and Current vs lapsed customers). At once, you can visualize only 4 segments, no matter how many you’ve defined.

From the Opportunities page, navigate to the CustomerPulse tab under Customer insights.

Once you’ve created an audience segment, contact your account team to add the segment(s) to CustomerPulse.

Zeta’s Customer Index is derived from deterministic real-time behavioral signals from our audiences. The index is based on our baseline distribution of the analyzed visitors across categories. Those categories with higher interest levels indicate a larger proportion of the analyzed consumers than we see on average.

You can select your desired segment(s) to deep dive into their coverage, demographics, content consumption, transactions, visitation, and financial & household use cases, leveraging the Data Cloud's online, transactional, location, financial, and household datasets.​ You can also compare two or more segments based on the same parameters.

The Reachability section also gives you a sneak peek into the CTV and social segments allowing you to explore the CTV Usage Indexing.

TV to Digital Native Solution

This is the native version of the TV to Digital report​ that illustrates Zeta’s ability to identify Linear TV ad-exposed audiences, enrich and compare to in-market audiences, transform a non-addressable to addressable channels, and provide always-on intelligence.

The solution is brought to life via a case study for a leading Pharma brand who launched a new diabetes and weight loss medication.

We identified the Ad-Exposed households, matched the individuals within the household to our identity graph and compared the groups who had in-market signals vs those that did not.

Scroll down to see a Venn diagram that shows the overlap of users who were exposed to an ad and have in-market signals that we can then retarget across Zeta’s addressable channels with more refined messaging.

We can also help them be smarter about their linear spend by identifying the channels in-market prospects are watching.

Finally, we can provide incremental reach to the people who have in-market signals and were not reached in linear TV.

The remaining sections include a CustomerPulse on the following segments:

  1. Linear TV Ad Exposed Audience

  2. Diabetes Intenders

  3. Weight Loss Intenders

  4. Diabetes AND Weight Loss Intenders


Under Coverage, the reachability section showcases where you can reach those individuals and transform a non-addressable channel into addressable ones, especially CTV.


In the Demographics tab, explore Zeta’s analysis of the ad-exposed audience which is much different from the in-market audiences. We found that the brand was underserving younger, female, lower income more multicultural audiences.

  • Age Index

  • Income Index

  • Ethnicity Breakdown

    • We see 77.3% of the Linear TV Ad Exposed audience as Non-Hispanic White

    • But when we look at the Market audiences, we see a significant portion of prospects that are African American and Hispanic American who are not being reached in Linear TV

    • One immediate insight is to target these under-served communities in the channels where they’re most active

Linear TV

In the Linear TV tab, we see that all audiences including their own Ad Exposed audience are not heavy users of Linear TV.

Furthermore, we see the in-market audiences are watching different channels than where the brand was spending. Zeta can help the brand be smarter about their Linear TV spend by recommending channels, programming, genres etc. where prospects are viewers.


Within the CTV tab, we can see all audiences are Heavy to Very Heavy users of CTV down to the programming they’re watching.

Content Consumption

Across the content being consumed, the in-market audiences do not have just one health concern but a multitude of different health interest and intent. With Zeta’s people-based marketing, we can curate and refine the messaging to the unique need state of the individual.

CustomerPulse Customization

CustomerPulse customization allows you to customize your views including automatically removing outliers and you can also select the customer match percentile thresholds​. Additionally, you can display indexing vs customer ratio​.

This feature is only available for segments that were run after Feb 1, 2023​.

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