A Person is not a Contact; a Contact is not a Person!

Even in an era where customization is near about everything, most platforms can handle segmentation and activation only at a user level. For instance, if John Doe has two emails: Gmail and Yahoo, and he selects either of his emails for sending the campaign or experience to; the platform will ultimately treat John as a user and send the campaign to both his emails. The Zeta Marketing Platform, however, takes customization to another level. Helping you choose the contact over people, ZMP supports user+contact value as effectively separate records for syndication and sending. Enabling ZMP’s specific contact-level segmentation and activation, John can directly select his preference (Gmail or Yahoo), thus only returning the selected email address and not the user’s address as a whole.

Reach out to Support for getting this feature enabled for your ZMP instance.


In order to choose a specific email address or contact value of the user that the campaign should be sent out to, within the Campaign Settings page, turn on the toggle for Set preferred contact type.

You can set the preferred contact type within the settings, or use a contact level segment, or select contacts across preferences.

Within the Content & Audience tab, you can also include contact-level segments/lists:

While the logo specifies the type of the contacts being included, it is recommended to not mix the types in order to avoid cross-referencing.

Audience Explorer

Within the Audience Explorer, choose contact-level preferences to build your desired segment/list:

The available contact properties to choose from, are:

Contact Value

Contact Type


Contact Preference

Contact Inactivity Reason

Last Clicked

Last Opened

Last Sent

Last Purchased


Created at

Updated at

Last Inactivity updated at

Contact Limit


Even for uploading a segment/list, you can activate contact-level uploads by turning on the toggle for Only include uploaded contacts.