This tool has been deprecated from the ZMP UI. If you have any questions, please contact your Zeta Account team.

The Audience Report gives marketers visibility into how continuously updated segments are performing over time.

In the menu on the left, navigate to Analytics > Audience. View the associated report that appears.

Building the Report

Segments can be viewed individually or compared with each other. Open the Segment Selector by clicking on the dropdown arrow in the upper-left of the UI. From here, select one or more segments for the report.

  • If more than one segment is selected, the View button will be disabled.

  • If only one segment is selected, the Compare button will be disabled.

When viewing the report, the New Users option will be chosen by default.

This displays a delta for the chosen time period in the top right, next to the date range selector. Clicking on the dropdown arrow next to New Users will display the other report available, called Cumulative.

The Cumulative report displays the total number of users over the selected date range to give an idea of how to segment membership is trending.