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Agile Intelligence is a native solution that enables the exploration of key property-level KPIs that differentiate performance. This solution is natively embedded in the Zeta Marketing Platform and you can access it with the Opportunity Explorer.

With this native solution here, you can compare the total revenue of locations with and also without amenities to see which ones and how much of an impact that has on performance.

From the Opportunities page, navigate to the Agile Intelligence tab under Customer insights.


You can see which of your properties in descending order have the highest percentage of repeat visitors. Hover over a property to find more information on that and if/if not that particular property is driving the repeat visits.

Here are a few of the applications amongst the multitude that Zeta’s Agile Intelligence has got to offer:

Advance Bookings

If you’re in the travel or hotel business, you can leverage G6 Agile Intelligence to analyze which properties your customers book in advance. The solution also shows how much in advance the property generally gets booked. Zeta can then run a CustomerPulse on that data to find out the similarities among those customers who often book in advance, so you can target that sector of people directly.

Navigate to the Time to Booking tab on the Agile Intelligence dashboard. Click on Sort by and choose from the available options.

Customer Source Destination

If the brand wants to find out where its customers are coming from, they can simply navigate to the Distance from Home tab on the Agile Intelligence dashboard.

  • Sort by: 1001+ miles

  • Scroll down to select your home location and click on View Customers 

Prospect Locations for New Properties

If you’re looking to decide on where to open your new property, Agile Intelligence is here to do all the required market research and data analysis for you.

Navigate to the Average Daily Rate tab on the Agile Intelligence dashboard. Turn on the Show/Hide Prospects toggle.

  • Zoom into the area you’re looking to open your new property in and select the competitor layers.

RFM Analysis

The Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) Value Analysis of the first-party data requires the client to provide us with transaction-level information including the purchase amount as well as the data that they purchased so that we're able to fill this type of information out for them.

We need the first-party data which does need to be the actual, and should not just be pixel data. The data must have transaction information associated with them.

Zeta will give them the different deciles depending on the actual spend amount that they have, and they will also be deep linked. Those in the top decile are spending the most amount that this particular audience has spent within the last month.

Click on the Activate button that will take you directly to the audience that you can target, or you can build a lookalike audience off that audience directly.