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Actions Node

Once a person enters an experience, you can set up events, delays, splits, and actions to move that person along in the workflow. The Actions node allows you to send the user campaigns on owned channels, as well as add them to audiences to be targeted on paid channels or update data on their ZMP profile.

The Action types available are:

  • Send Campaign

  • Add/Update data on the profile

  • Sync

    • Sync to List

    • Sync to Programmatic

    • Sync to Facebook

    • Sync to Google Ads

    • Sync to Yahoo DSP

The Actions menu allows you to select how you want to reach the people in your experience.

Send Action

The Send action allows you to deploy a message across email, push, SMS, or webhook channels to a user as part of the experience. The view in campaign creation is similar to that of a broadcast campaign. However, on the right side, instead of an audience selection, you are shown where within the experience the current campaign you're working on, is. Any content to be used within an Experience should be created in a test campaign first and then migrated to the Send Action once it's tested and ready. 

Add a Campaign

1. To add a campaign to your experience, select Actions from the node menu to open the Actions panel.

2. Click on Add Campaign.

3. You can either duplicate an existing Triggered Campaign from your account or choose to build one from scratch. You can search for your campaigns using the search bar (hit enter to execute a query).

4. Once you make your selection, give it a unique name and click on Create Campaign.

  • You will be redirected to the Campaign Builder page to make edits. If you choose to duplicate an existing campaign, everything about the campaign will be copied over, from the subject line to body content to tags. Make sure to review your campaign before sending.

5. When you’re finished, click on Done to return to the experience. All your changes are auto-saved.

(info) If you have the Campaign Approval Management feature enabled, you’ll need to set the campaign to Approved before activating the experience or else the campaign will be skipped.

A/B/n Testing in Experiences

Unlike Broadcast Campaigns, the Triggered Campaign builder doesn’t have A/B/n testing or versioning built into the tool. However, you can still set up A/B/n testing within Experience Builder using a combination of nodes.

1. At the point of a test, add a Split Randomly node and configure your branches (up to 5) and the percentage of people that should go to each branch.

  • If you want, you can name the branches. Otherwise, the branch names will default to Split A, Split B, etc.

2. Add a campaign (or any relevant action) to your control branch.

3. In the next branch, leverage the duplicate campaigns feature to make a copy of the control campaign and then make the necessary content changes that you’re testing.

  • You can substitute any type of treatment here, such as delays for the testing time of day or other actions if you want to test by channel. If you’re testing time and not content, you can duplicate the control campaign in a few clicks and move on quickly without having to build from scratch.

Edit a Campaign

Prior to activating an experience, you can make unlimited edits to your campaign and other nodes. However, once you activate an experience, you are not able to deactivate it to make edits without ejecting the people that are in flight at that time. The one exception is the campaign node.

You can edit a campaign in an activated experience from two different places:

1. Click on the campaign node in the experience canvas.

2. Go to Campaigns > Triggered to find your campaign.

If your account uses the Campaign Approval Management feature, then you will need to set the status to Draft in order to make changes.

Once you make your edits, set the campaign status to Approved and click on Done to confirm your changes. It will take about 1 hour for your changes to set in due to caching of the activated experience.

Replace Campaign

If you decide that you want to wholly replace a campaign at a node, you can do so while also updating the downstream dependencies so that the events in the later experience point to the replacement campaign.

1. Click on the campaign node to open its menu. Select Replace Campaign.

2. The panel will reopen so that you can replace it with a duplicate of an existing campaign or a brand-new campaign.

Delete Campaign

A campaign cannot be moved from one experience to another, nor can it be used in more than one experience.

When you delete a campaign node in an experience that has never been activated, you will have the option to keep the campaign to be duplicated later or let it be deleted.

Only campaigns that are not attached to an experience (orphans) can be deleted from the Triggered Campaigns page.

Sync Action

Using this option allows you to add or remove users from an existing or new List from within an experience.  

Sync User To a List

Once a user enters the experience, it is not possible to suppress that specific user. However, if you wish to prevent a particular user from receiving the email, you can add them to the global suppression list. Once the user completes the journey, you will need to add them to the suppression segment. This will ensure that the user is excluded from future email communications.

Sync to Google Ads

This Sync Action allows you to add or remove users from an existing or new Google Customer Match Audience for further treatment. This option requires some initial configuration in order to be used.

Sync to Facebook

This Sync Action allows you to add or remove users from an existing or new Facebook Custom Audience for further treatment. This option requires some initial configuration in order to be used.

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