The Opportunity Explorer provides insights into valuable information that can support plans to acquire new customers and intender audience. This article provides a list of the Opportunity Explorer reports, details on the insights they provide, and how information on hoe they can help uncover impactful marketing opportunities.

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Opportunity Explorer Report


Use Case

Discussion Index (ZDI)

  • Market Insights

  • Helps pinpoint trends for products, lines of business and features related to your brand, providing creative direction, campaign penetration measurement and benchmarks against competitors.

  • Marketers use ZDI to pinpoint trends for products, lines of business and features related to their brand and acquire new customers.

  • Used to help identify topics at the brand level that resonate with different consumers.


  • Market Insights

  • Delivers industry- and brand-level analysis including consumer loyalty, physical visits.

  • Retention

  • Provides an overview of the purchase intent and visitation of audience members in the Zeta Data Cloud for your brand as well as competitor brands​.


  • Market Insights

  • Provides insights to determine budgetary, targeting and other decisions.

  • Shows marketing opportunities based on evolving interests, demographics, behavioral signals, and brand affinities, including customized competitor overlays.

  • Used to view real-time visualization of broad-based, geographic, and vertical-level consumer trends based on Zeta proprietary data to identify market opportunities.  

AudiencePulse - Online Trends

  • Market Insights

  • Realize target customers based on signals for category expansion.

  • Provides a deep dive into behavioral data; audience interests, audience size, and specific industries.

  • Upsell/Cross-Sell

  • Compares the sizes of Zeta behavioral audiences in the US.


  • Market Insights

  • Understand online interest and intent against key verticals.

  • Compare daily, weekly and monthly content consumption and visitation trends across audiences to identify growing in-market intenders, conquesting opportunities and strategic DMAs to increase budgets.

AudiencePulse- Visitation Trends

  • Market Insights

  • Compare visitation trends of your brand vs competitors. Find the DMAs that matter.

  • Compares customer visit patterns to physical brand locations in the US.


  • Market Insights

  • View the identity, behavior and interests of random audience members of Zeta Data Cloud.

  • Provides an overview of the identity, behavior and interests of random audience members of Zeta Data Cloud.

Insight Report

  • Customer Insights

  • Identifies opportunities with breakdowns of demographic, behavioral, transactional and location indices.

  • Missed Site Visitors/Prospects

  • Provides actionable insights that can be activated across channels. 


  • Customer Insights

  • Illustrates Zeta’s analysis of Retail customer database. ​​

  • Provides a deep dive into coverage, acquisition, retention, and growth use cases, leveraging the Data Cloud's online, transactional, location, financial & household datasets.

CustomerPulse Digital

  • Customer Insights

  • Utilize digital identities to unlock customer insights, identifying new opportunities for growth and customer acquisition.

  • The Vertical / Brand insight report contains a Zeta analysis of customer segments and provides insights on profile, behavioral, transactional, visitation and financial & household datasets, identifying opportunities to better engage and acquire new Vertical / Brand customers.


  • Customer Insights

  • Maximize your media opportunity by discovering geographies where you are currently under-investing and over-investing.

  • Provides actionable insight on your brand’s geographies that are currently underinvested and overinvested due to emerging growth and risk dynamics.


  • Customer Insights

  • Tracks activity on your website in real-time.

  • Enables rich, personalized targeting across other channels.

  • Missed Transactions

  • Helps identify anonymous consumers and their behavior.