The Opportunity Explorer tools support specific use cases. This article provides a high-level overview of some common use cases.

Use Case

  • To acquire new customers

The Opportunity Explorer can be used to leverage insights to ID incremental targeting audiences based on conquesting, in-market signals. For example, the Zeta Discussion Index (ZDI) can provide an influx in content consumption around related topics of interest.

  • Retention

CustomerPulse identifies which customers are likely to churn and the brands in which they are interested.

  • Upsell/Cross-Sell

Target customers based on signals for category expansion. For example, the Zeta Audience Solutions can be used to ID users who work in essential personnel industries.

  • Missed Site Visitors/Prospects

Use LiveMarketer to track known and anonymous site visitors to identify who they are and where they fall in the conversion funnel. Maximize your retargeting efforts by engaging with visitors at the right time in the conversion process.

  • Missed Transactions

Retarget anonymous visitors, non-transacting customers and store visitors as we identify them by their digital IDs.