Triggered Campaigns are 1:1 Event-based campaigns that send to a single subscriber based on an event or series of events called behaviors. Triggered Campaigns are also the building blocks of Experiences, which allow for chaining and decisioning between messages on a 1:1 customer basis.  

Triggering 1:1 Emails via the API

API triggered campaigns require two steps:

  1. Create the Event via the API: http://docs.zetaglobal.com/v1/docs/track-an-event-rest

    1. The event parameter in the API will be the name of the resulting event in the platform.

  2. Create a Campaign or Experience that is triggered by the subsequent API.

Scheduling Options

Scheduling options for this Event-based 1:1 message include the following:

  1. Immediately

    1. Sends whenever the event happens.

  2. With a delay of 

    1. After a user qualifies - a delay based on when the event happened.

    2. Before/After Event Property - this option will delay the trigger for the subscriber until some time before or after an indicated date/time parameter passed over with the Event.

Campaign will auto-archive after 30 Days