Selective Access

Selective Access is an optional feature in the Zeta Marketing Platform that limits the visibility of Experiences, Campaigns, Templates, and Snippets.

With Selective Access enabled, access to newly created Experiences, Campaigns, Templates, and Snippets is limited to the person that created the Experience, Campaign, Template, or Snippets.

Once a new item is created, the owner of that item can share access of that item with other individuals in the account.

For those that should have access to all items regardless of owner, a permission can be enabled for their role called “Ignore Selective Access” which will ignore the ownership and visibility limits introduced by enabling Selective Access.


Teams allow for the creation of groups of users in ZMP to make sharing items in an account with Selective Access enabled easier.

With teams, a newly created item can be shared with a team rather than with each individual user that needs access.