Using a seed list allows any individual you choose to verify the content of the campaign at launch time prior to the rest of your intended audience receiving the campaign. Some examples of the kinds of people who would be added to a seed list are your internal users, key stakeholders, external agencies, test email accounts, etc.

ZetaHub gives you the option to create and maintain multiple seed lists. Here's how:

1. Navigate to Account Settings and click Seeds on the left-hand side.

2. Click New List to create a new seed list. You can name and describe it here.

3. Toggle between the appropriate tabs to Manually Add or Copy & Paste seed list recipients.

4 Once a seed list is created here, it can be added to a campaign later. Multiple seed lists can be added to a campaign.

Dynamic Elements

For content with dynamic elements, ZetaHub will use any information stored in the seed list member's profile. If no relevant properties exist, defaults from your dynamic logic will be used instead. Another handy way to detect a seed list user in your dynamic logic is by using the hidden property is_seed_user.

Example Usage

{% if is_seed_user %} For Seed's Eyes Only: {% endif %}