This glossary contains key terms used throughout the Opportunity Explorer KB Guide.

  • Active CRM Customers: Refers to users in the CRM file who have NOT been flagged as lapsed.

  • All CRM Customers: Refers to all users in the CRM file.

  • Acquisition: See Acquisition Count Framework and Vertical for details; remove All CRM customers.

  • AudiencePulse: Provides a view of the prospect universe that capture the size and scale of Data Cloud audiences and a deeper dive into the interests, demographics, website visits and brand affinity of behavioral intender audiences.

  • Channel Manager: A connector framework that allows any marketer to connect the Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) to any advertising, marketing and engagement channels simply and easily, supporting omnichannel marketing efforts.

  • Competitor Intenders: Refers to users associated with more than one brand (not brand loyal)/All CRM Customers (e.g., For Ralph Lauren, a user associated with Coach and Michael Kors would qualify as a competitor intender, but a user associated with only Coach would not qualify for this group).

  • Competitive Tracker: Delivers industry and brand level analysis including consumer loyalty and IRL visits and helps identify in-market intenders, conquest prospects from competitors and retain existing customers.

  • Customer-level insights:. Customer-level insights include in-depth analysis of client data and campaign performance to provide impactful next steps.

  • CustomerPulse DII (Digital Identifiable Information): CustomerPulse DII is a vertical/brand insight report that contains a Zeta analysis of customer segments and provides insights on profile, behavioral, transactional, visitation and financial & household datasets, identifying opportunities to better engage and acquire new customers.​ CustomerPulse DII differs from CustomerPulse PII in that it is more about acquisition and finding additional audiences to activate and is not vertical specific.

  • CustomerPulse PII: CustomerPulse PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is a tool that illustrates Zeta’s analysis of Automotive customer database. ​CustomerPulse provides a deep dive into coverage, acquisition, retention, and growth use cases, leveraging the Data Cloud's online, transactional, location, financial & household datasets.​

  • Data Cloud: The Zeta Data Cloud is the data component of ZMP which consists of the Opportunity Explorer, a live visualization of actionable consumer insights; Zeta’s proprietary identity data; Zeta’s
    AI-powered Intender Audiences and Zeta CDP+ which integrates, unifies, and enriches customer data.

  • Data Conductor: The Data Conductor is the actual connector that allows a user to build data flows, define where the data comes from, duplicate and to de-duplicate records in the file based on properties.

  • EMSS: Enterprise Marketing Software Suite

  • Experience Builder: An omnichannel orchestration interface that allows marketers to create and manage experiences across all supported marketing channels, as well as any external channel that is connected through Channel Manager, with live performance data on every touchpoint.

  • Growth: see Vertical for details; overlap with Active CRM customers.

  • In-Market Intenders : Refers to users (CRM file) in the Behavioral Segments Related to the Verticals (zcode segments).

  • Insight Report: Identifies insights and opportunities around client’s specific use cases, delivering breakdowns of demographic, behavioral, transactional and location indexes.

  • Lapsed CRM Customers Refers to the users in CRM file who have been flagged as lapsed. The client will provide a flag in the CRM data file to distinguish lapsed customers and active customers.

  • LiveMarketer: With a pixel placed on the customer site, we can tracks anonymous and known visitors across their website and helps identify interests of users for retargeting and LAL (Look-a-like) models.

  • Market-level Insights illustrate the competitive landscape, discussion indexes relative to customer vertical brands and audience interests and reach without any client data.

  • Opportunity Explorer Insights: ZMP’s end to end solution with Customer-level and Market-level insights.

  • Omnichannel: Omnichannel is described as a complete customer experience across multiple devices, channels and touchpoints with online and offline marketing.

  • Post-Campaign Reporting: Provide deep dive analysis into campaign metrics and uncover opportunities to improve, expand and scale.

  • Reactivation: See Reactivation Count Framework and Vertical for details; overlap with Lapsed CRM customers.

  • Retention: see Vertical for details; overlap with Active CRM customers.

  • ZDI: The Zeta Discussion Index (ZDI) is used to identify topic trends at the brand level that resonate with different demographic groups and helps pinpoint trends for products, lines of business and features related to your brand, providing creative direction, campaign penetration measurement and benchmarks against competitors.

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