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Resource Groups

Resources with common characteristics can now be saved as a Resource Group. To create a resource group,

1. Navigate to Content > Resources. Click on Create New and select Resource Group.

2. Provide a suitable name for the Resource Group and click on Next.

3. Select a set of filter criteria to preview a sample set of resources.

4. Click on Save Resource Group.

Global Filters

  • You can define one global filter per account by navigating to Content > Resources > Create New > Global Filter

  • Global filter once created appears visually tagged as ‘Global Filter’

  • Global filter, if available prior to enabling this feature will appear as one of the Resource Group visually tagged as ‘Global Filter’

The system automatically creates the following Resource Groups:

All Resources

This group contains all resources available in the system

All <resource_type>

A set of resource groups for each resource types available in the system. e.g. All Products, All Articles etc.

Each resource group is automatically assigned a unique ID for reference via API and can be found on the details page as Recs UID

  • Zeta Markup Language for Recommendation tag now supports a new filter by name group_filters where a resource group can be directly specified

{% recommendation products
| count: 3
| group_filters: "out_of_stock_products"
  • Zeta Markup Language for Resources tag now supports a new filter by name group_filters where a resource group can be directly specified.

{% resources products
| count: 3
| group_filters: "out_of_stock_products"

Note: When using Resources tag, note that It may take up to 30 minutes for resources to be qualified as part of the resource group.

Recommendation APIs

  • Basic Recommendation API supports a new path parameter by the name “group_filter” that

curl '
  • Advanced Recommendation API supports a new parameter as part of the section payload called “group_filters”, and can accept multiple resource groups.

  sections: [
		"name": "credit_cards",
		"group_filters": [
		"count": 5

If there are not enough resources to recommend, the API will return an error with status code 422 (There are not enough recommendable resources to satisfy this request)

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