Recommended Actions are directly integrated with Zeta Opportunities which takes the large proprietary Zeta datasets and refines them to highlight specific data and insights that customers can use in omnichannel marketing efforts.

The Opportunities dashboard displays a top stats bar which represents a high-level view of how opportunities are scalable across the Zeta universe. These opportunities are grouped into Market-level and Customer-level insights.

Market-level opportunities provide insights into trends across the market that can be useful to your initiatives. You can use these opportunities to find new prospecting opportunities or apply these trends to your existing campaigns.

Customer-level opportunities take the market insights to the next level by applying these insights to your customer lists. Users can understand their customers better and enable higher-performing initiatives.

What are Recommended Actions?

The Recommended Actions feature is available in the Opportunities dashboard to help highlight specific opportunities that have been identified for our customers. Whether a marketer is building campaigns, experiences, or selecting audiences, recommended actions will appear to assist marketers navigate in ZMP. Various opportunities can be explored from the Opportunities page along with a call-to-action button referred to as Recommended Actions.

Recommended Actions are account based and thus track what is increasing or decreasing specific to that vertical, week over week, what is typically being tracked in our MarketPulse. When an action (alert) has been identified the Recommended Actions button will be displayed on the Opportunities page at the account level. When a customer clicks the Recommended Actions link, a slider bar will appear, with recommended action cards selected specifically for individual customer. The customer can then choose to review and take action on these opportunity recommendations.

View the Recommended Actions

  • Click the Recommended Actions button to display the panel side bar.

Info: Please contact your account manager if the Opportunities link is not present on the ZMP left navigation bar.

Click Full View

  • View the Recommended Actions panel slide bar and the top level category (Audience). To view additional action cards that you can take action on, click the View Full left facing arrow located in the upper right corner.

Info: Other Recommended Actions categories include: Channel-Social, Channel-Display, Channel-Email, Channel-Connected-TV, Campaigns, Experiences, & Targeting.

View Recommended Actions Cards in Full View

  • View Recommended Actions Cards in Full View. Note the total recommended action cards number is displayed in the upper left. Use the scroll bar on the right to scroll through and view the various categories.

Info: Recommended Actions Cards can have persistent or set expiration periods.

Click Let’s Do It

  • The current options the user can take include: ‘Let’s do It’ (take action) or ‘Maybe Later’ (postponed or decline). Hover over the desired Recommended Action Card, and click the ‘Let’s Do it' button to link to a specific page where you can take further action. In the this example, the action card selected falls within the Audience category, and thus, the system will navigate the user to the Audience Explorer.

Audience Explorer

  • Once the system has automatically navigated the user to the Audience Explorer with the recommended audience displayed (Cruises for this example), the user can begin executing on it, adding other conditions, and then save the audience as a segment.

Info: For additional information on using the Audience Explorer, please refer to the article: Segments & Lists

View the Recommended Action Card Categories and Features Table

Below are a few recommendations you may see added to your account over time.

Recommended Category Feature

ZMP Feature(solution)

Use case/Desired Outcome



LAL (Lookalike)

Increase number of prospects and find highest value customers

Target other audience segments that match the characteristics of your highest value customers by generating look-a-like audience segments.


Intelligent Retargeting

Convert more prospects through omnichannel retargeting.

Increase number of prospects and find highest value customers

Increase conversions and reduce CPA by expanding your retargeting strategy beyond just web based identifiers. Use Intelligent Retargeting to reach individuals more comprehensively.


Location Targeting/ Audience Explorer

Focus your engagements with customers close to your B&M locations.

Load your list of physical points of interest in the Audience Explorer "Explore Locations" section to find audiences closets to your stores.



(Dynamic Creative Optimization) /Programmatic Ad

Used to obtain higher conversion rate and improve engagement through ad personalization.

A programmatic term used in reference to personalized web ad experiences for individuals.


Content Recommendations /Personalization thru APIs/In-page website personalization

Get higher conversion / engagement through site content personalization.

Learn your customer's content consumption behaviors and optimize future engagements by using the Zeta Content Recommendation service.


Experience Builder

Orchestrate highly personalized experiences to better drive to specific outcomes for each type of customer.

Develop endless customer engagement workflows to enable multiple omnichannel scenarios specific to individuals as event behavior is observed in real time.



Improve overall visibility through a single view of customer data.

Optimize all your marketing by centralizing your customer data with CDP+. Make sure the data you know about your customer is cleansed and available across all your omnichannel engagements.

Channel - Onsite

WP Overlay/Light Box

Reduce conversion abandonment by personalizing offers at the right moment onsite.

Introduce key offers and messaging in a user's purchase journey onsite with special offers to keep the purchase momentum going. These overlays work with your existing site experiences.

Channel - Email

CRM - Email

Increase brand/product recall by entering your customer's email inbox.

Improve secondary purchases by engaging with customers by email.

Create a transactional record for your customers to confirm a successful event.

Develop a schedule of newsletters/offers to send out to a grouping of your customers.

Channel - Email

Email Acquisition

Acquire new customers through Zeta's opted in email audiences.

Greatly increase your email engagement reach using Zeta's email acquisition product.

Channel - Digital Out of Home

DOOH (Digital Out of Home)

Increase awareness and traffic to physical locations.

Take your online digital messaging into the physical environments through a large network of digital signage exactly where your customers commute.


Social Custom Audiences Uploads

Increase conversions by targeting your customers on social networks where they spend a lot of their time.

Audience Segments & Exporting Out to FB

Target your customers on Facebook by exporting your audiences directly. Simply click on export next to the desired segment and select Facebook.

Channel- Connected TV

Connected TV

Drive brand awareness and increase conversions on a second screen through Connected TV engagements.

Target your customers via connected TV devices and programming to have them engage with your brand in the moment.

Channel - Display


Increase relevant traffic to your digital site through smart display engagements on the open web.

Make sure to reach out to your customers while they are researching products on the web. Use Zeta's Display platform to find these customers optimally.