Key Highlights of our Prospect Dashboard

  • The ability for acquisition users to see an at-a-glance summary of recent campaign performance:

    • High-level KPIs

    • Top Offers

    • Top Creatives

    • Top Subject lines

  • Users have the ability to select from a list of KPIs and configure the Dashboard based on goals and objectives

  • The dashboard has a customizable tile design enabling new simplified visualizations

How to use the Prospect Dashboard

Users will see the Dashboard upon logging in to their account and clicking on Dashboard > Prospect from the menu of the left:

Users can adjust the duration of the metrics in the following ways:

High-Level KPIs

1. Users can edit the first row of data by selecting the Action Menu of the last tile and clicking on Edit.

2. Edit the column for the data point you want to review.

The available data points are defined in the Metrics & Dimensions Dictionary.

3. Next to the data, you will see a spark chart that will highlight the time trends at a high level:

  • For 7 days, 30 days, the data points will be shown daily

  • For 60 days, 90 days, the data points will be shown weekly

In addition to the data, there will be additional tiles as shown below:

Top Offers


Total Opens per offer on the campaign

Total Clicks per offer on the campaign

Offer Name: Provides details of the offer name (How it is labeled within the platform)

Top Creatives


Total Clicks: Renders the creative and amount of clicks on each for the lifetime of the campaign - Users do not have the ability to select a date range at this time


Top Subject Lines: Provides a list of Top Subject line copy and the number of clicks associated with that Subject Line




Help! I can't see any dashboard!

To enable your dashboard, please reach out to your account manager.