Campaigns in the Zeta Marketing Platform are used to organize, automate and deploy acquisition, marketing, and transactional programs. There are two primary types of campaigns, Broadcast and Trigger campaigns. The differences are noted in the table below; however, you can think of Broadcast campaigns as messages going to an entire, previously determined audience at the same time, whereas the Trigger campaigns are event-based messages where one person gets a message based on something they've done or some other event.

Broadcast Campaigns encompass a few campaign launch types that send to an entire, previously determined audience at the same time or over a small window of time. Triggered Campaigns are 1:1 event-based campaigns that send to a single subscriber based on an event or series of events. Another way to organize Trigger campaigns is with the Experience Builder. Review this section for more information on ZMP Campaigns. 

Campaign Types



Trigger Type


One or more segment(s) and/or list(s)

Newsletters, broad offers, Adhoc announcements

Scheduled one-time, time-based recurring, SFTP file drop, API Triggered



Welcome, Abandoned cart, transactional notifications 

Event-based, real-time