Under Profile > Integrations, ZMP provides a number of options to integrate with its API's, external services, and mobile. Those options are described below.

Access Keys

The access keys enable access to the platform API and SFTP services. Our API documentation can be found here.

Google Customer Match Audiences

Build Customer Match Audiences in Google Ads from your Segments and Lists in ZetaHub. To get started, click Connect and log in with your Google Account. Once connected, in the Google integration settings page, set the Google Customer ID to complete the integration.

To find your Google Customer ID: 

  1. Sign in to your AdWords Account.

  2. Look in the top-right corner of any page.

  3. Find “Customer ID” above your email address.

Changing the Google Customer ID or disconnecting from Google will disable any existing exports and experiences using this integration. If you want to disable the connection to Google, navigate to the integration settings and click Disconnect.

Facebook Custom Audience

Create Custom Audiences in Facebook from your Lists and Segments in ZetaHub, keep it automatically updated, and advertise directly to your audience through Facebook. To get started, click Connect and log in with your Facebook Business Account. You must have Administrator access to this Account.

Once connected, in the Facebook integration settings page, choose the advertising account from your available advertising accounts in Facebook. Disable the connection by navigating to the integration settings and clicking Disconnect.

More details on how to set up and leverage this functionality can be found here.