With the crazy volume of content being uploaded on the internet each day, we can’t blame the web users for becoming picky with the content they want to see. Not all content marketing needs to directly promote the product, some might even showcase how the product will change the customers' lives in the long run.

While you are most likely not the only one offering your products or alike in the market, it’s either way hard to stand out with generic content, or to time and again develop information unavailable elsewhere. Using email templates might be your best chance at offering content that drives value and thereby, gains your customers' undivided attention.

In the light of the same, the Zeta Marketing Platform gives you the ability to create and reuse email templates in multiple campaigns. Its advanced template editing features can help you create or edit email templates using an easy-to-use Visual Editor or an HTML editor (for advanced users). Let’s quickly take a look at how you will use the Visual Editor to create a simple yet effective email template. 

To know more about content creation and management in the ZMP, refer to this article.

Create your Desired Template

1. Click Content from the left-hand panel and select Templates.

2. Select the Visual Editor option from the New Template drop-down. Here we see several pre-configured, basic designs. Feel free to choose one of these and skip to Step 11 of the Content Integration Guide or start from scratch in the next step (3).

3. Click on Start from Scratch and enter a title for your re-usable template at the top of the page.

4. Templates are made up of Content, Rows, and Settings. Select the Rows tab as we’ll use the default settings for now.

5. Click and drag a two-column row in under the existing single-column row. Now add another single-column row.

6. Next, click the Content tab. Here you can select various types of content to click and drag into the rows added in the previous step.

7. Click and drag a text block into the first row, the left side of the second row, and in the third row as well.

8. In the first text block, select the text and type View Online. Then, select the text again and click Special links and select the View Online option. This adds a link for users to view the message in the browser.

9. In the second text block add some copy for an offer you want customers to know about. From the Content tab, drag a button below the copy. We'll use this as our Call to Action, or CTA.

10. Add an image block to the right side of the second row. Click and drag an image from your computer onto the placeholder for an image or user the image library to add an image.

11. Continue to flesh out the rest of your content and be sure to Save as you go. Once you’re done, you can preview and test your content by clicking the Preview button in the top-right corner of the UI. 

12. Here you’re given a preview of your email content in the desktop and mobile previews. Using Preview Options at the top right you can preview your content with Litmus previews and send yourself a test email.

13. Once you’re done previewing, click the X in the top left. If you are happy with your content, click the X again and you’ll be brought back to the master templates library.

Now that we have some content, it's time to Create a Single-Version Email Campaign.