The CustomerPulse is a self-serve tool within the Opportunity Explorer that provides insights into identifying new customers and maximizing revenue opportunities. The CustomerPulse allows marketers to secure a single, comprehensive view of individual customer behaviors to act in real-time. The comparative feature of CustomerPulse allows you to contrast, define, and describe customers while isolating a specific activity type or value. For example, you can upload a list of new subscribers on file, and view how they compare to active engagement on file, and how that might look for someone who has lapsed.

There are two types of CustomerPulse: CustomerPulse PII (Personally Identifiable Information- name, address, phone, email) and Digital (device ID, IP, or cookie). This article covers the operational approach of using the Customer Pulse PII option, specifically address questions around how client’s get their data into ZMP, how to create segments around that data, and how to export segments to CustomerPulse will be covered.

Getting CRM Data into an Account- Onboarding CRM Data

Step 1 - Upload CSV via Segments and Lists

Click Segments & Lists

  • Under Audiences on the Left Nav, click Segments and Lists.

Click Create New

  • Click the Create New > Customer option.

Select List

  • Click the List option and then Next.

Upload CSV File

  • Locate and drop a CSV file in the drop area.

Step 2 Create and Select Properties in New Segments for Different Users

Select Properties

  • From Segments and Lists, create new segments (including fields from CRM data) and select the desired properties. For this example the following properties were used:

    • reliable sources> contains any of> TRUE

    • And has_an_active_email> equals > true

    • And reliable_sources_subscribe>is between> July 1-Sept 20 -September 30

Note: The above example is a static segment. Segments can also be dynamic. For example, if the selected date range is set to ‘within the last month’, you would always be looking at your most recent past 30 days.

Step 3 Export Segment to CustomerPulse

Click Export

  • From the Segments and Lists view, click the ellipsis dots to the far right and select the Export option.

Select FTP Site

  • With SFTP selected, select the CustomerPulseUS option from the FTP Site options.

Info: The be able to select the CustomerPulseUS option from the FTP Site options, this feature needs to be turned on within the account.

Data Cloud Services

Analysts will take export trigger work on DC Services that queries the data and then runs all the queries on the dashboard against that CRM segment. And then that data is output to a JSON format that gets transferred into that dashboard and once completed, it is embedded into that client’s Opportunity account in ZMP.

Navigate to CustomerPulse

Select Segments to Compare

  • Select from the list of previously created segments.

Note: Up to four segments can be compared at one time.

View Comparisons

View Coverage