After a client’s CRM data has been onboarded and the audience has been created, the audience segment can be exported to Programmatic channels via the Export option in Segments and Lists. This article covers how to export audience segments to to Programmatic channels.

Info: Backend configuration is required prior to exporting data to Programmatic. Please reach out to your Account Manager to set up the necessary configuration.


Click Segments & List

  • Below Audiences on the left nav, click Segments & Lists.

Click the Ellipsis (…)

  • Hover over the desired row and click the ellipsis (three dots …) to display the menu options.

Click Export

  • Click the Export option.

Select Programmatic

  • Under the Destination tab, select Programmatic option.

  • When ready, click Export People.

Info: Programmatic is tied to the client’s DSP account.