After client’s CRM data has been onboarded, the next step is to create a segment(s) that can be exported to CustomerPulse. Creating segments can be done by the client or by ZMP Solutions team. Segments are created using the customer properties and any kind of data a client is trying to capture, can be done via segments as long as they onboard that data into ZMP.

There are two ways to view data when creating segments; static or dynamic. A static segment will display data from a specific group or time (e.g., in Q3). And dynamic is choosing to use the data from the most recent time period (e.g., with in last 60 days), and that gets updated continually.

After saving the segments created will be available in the client’s CustomerPulse in the Opportunities dashboard.

Note: Up to four segments can be selected to do comparisons.

For step-by-step instructions on creating segments, please refer to the article: How to Create a Segment.