In order to stay relevant in today’s supercompetitive marketplace, brands need to become more customer-centric and deliver more personalized experiences. Forbes correctly predicts that 71% of customers feel frustrated when an experience is impersonal. While personalization has been a trend for over a decade now, templatized email marketing has evolved into dynamic and customized experiences, in the blink of an eye.

To that end, segmentation is the act of separating email lists based on personalized preferences. Email lists can help you make your customers feel as exclusive as they are!

One of the keys to having successful email campaigns is to keep your email lists sorted

If you have a bunch of email subscribers on your newsletter list that haven’t been opening your emails, your open rate is going to be low, which will skew your results.

The CDP Plus segmentation option allows you to select individual members with similar characteristics across all your subscribers to create static or dynamic campaign lists within the Zeta Marketing Platform. This gives you the opportunity to deliver highly relevant marketing messages to these specifically defined customer segments. 

Getting Started

In this guide, we'll make a basic segment that will include only ourselves.

1. Click the Audience from the left-hand panel and select Segments & Lists.

2. Click Create New.

3. Provide a Name for your Audience and select Segment as the Type.

4. Click Next

5. On the next page, click Add Filter and select Properties.

6. From the Select Property drop-down menu, select user_id.

7. In the next field, choose the equals operator and enter your email address in the empty box to the right.

8. In the upper-right corner, click Calculate Users to see how many users meet your criteria.

9. The option to enable continuous updates is not needed for the purposes of this guide. This option enables our dynamic real-time segment updates.

10. Save your segment. You now have a basic segment in ZetaHub. There are many more properties and other elements to filter on to create highly targeted segments. Feel free to explore the other filter options available based on your own data. Let's move on to How to Create Email Content.

For more on segmentation and examples, refer to Segments & Lists.