The Asset library enables you to securely store and share marketing-related file Files in ZMP

The functionality of the Files Screen

  1. Navigate to Files within the platform:

  2. Click on Files, User will get the below Screen:

    1. Additional Files users can upload are listed below:

      1. CSV

      2. FTP

      3. S3

Teams can share these Users across teams to optimize targeting as well as see what types of audiences are available such as the following files:

  1. Attribution File

  2. Seed File

  3. Model File

The following topics will be covered within this guide:

  • How to Import a file

  • How to Export a file

  • How do I search

    • Quick Search

    • Focused Search

  • How to organize files

  • What happens if my import or export Fails

  • Best Practices

How to Import a File:

  1. Click Import File:

  2. Drop the file or Click to upload the Images:
    Note the Max File Size (10.0mb)

  3. Once Images are uploaded they will be listed in the UI as shown below:




Name of the imported file


Type of the file being imported with possible values as - User, Event, Coupon, Resource, Seed, Model, Attribution, Suppression, Other


Format of file being imported e.g. CSV, JSON, JSONL.


Source of file with possible values as UI, FTP, SFTP, AWS S3


Tags associated with the asset


Date of import 


Status of import. This status should change to 'Pending' as soon as the user initiates the import - then to 'In-progress' - The status will finally result in either 'Successful' or 'Failed'.

Rows Processed

Number of rows processed from the source file

How to Export Files

Users can export files in one of 2 ways:

Any file hosted in the platform can be exported to a customer designated FTP, AWS S3 locations or delivered via email as link to a location hosted at Zeta as noted above

  1. User Can Export the file from this prompts:

    1. Email -Files can be shared via email using an auto-generated link to Zeta internal hosted location

      1. Email Recipient - provide a list of email addresses

    2. FTP/SFTP - To export via SFTP, select from a list of pre-defined external FTP locations and click ‘Export File’

    3. Amazon S3 - To export via AWS S3, select from a list of pre-defined S3 bucket location and click ‘Export File’

  2. Users can also Export by clicking on the (…) and Click Export:
    User will see the same screen as noted above as well as the same export types:

How do I Search/Filter for Files

Users can search for imports/exports in the following ways:

  1. For a Quick Search for imports, users can click the magnifying glass and add text for the file they are looking for:
    Shown Below:

  2. For a more Focused search, User can click on the funnel and enter in the criteria specific to what they are looking for:
    Shown Below:

    1. Filter menu will be prompted and users can select from the following:




  • Today

  • This Week

  • This Month

  • This Year

  • A Specific Date

  • Within a Date Range

Type - CheckBox

  • Seed

  • Attribution

  • Suppressions

  • Other

Status - CheckBox

  • In Progress

  • Successful

  • Failed

  • Pending

  • Completed with Errors

  • Ready to Activate (Programmatic Export only)

Format - CheckBox

  • CSV

  • G2

  • TXT


  • DAT

  • PGP

  • ZIP


  • Enter in the Tags that the user added during import

Source - CheckBox

  • S3

  • UI

  • FTP

Organizing Files

A best practice for organizing files would be to add tags to the import/export.

  1. To add a tag click the row of the file and select the Tag icon and then (plus) add Tags

  2. User can then filter for these tags as described above

How do I check status of Import/Export

  1. Once the files are imported/exported Users can see the status within the UI
    Shown Below:

  2. The following Status’s are available:



In Progress

File is in progress of being imported/exported


File was either Imported or Exported successfully


File that was either Imported or Exported has failed


Ready to Activate

File that has been successfully been exported and audience matching has been completed. Currently only supported for Programmatic channel exports.

Completed with Errors

File that was imported or exported completed but there are errors with the file

Feel free to reach out to Support for additional help hubsupport@zetaglobal.com 

Best Practices

Follow a Naming convention for files names this way it is easy to search and filter

Follow a convention for a newer version of a file