File-drop recurring campaigns allow you to trigger a campaign to an audience in a file at the time that the file is dropped onto a server. The Launch Type can be seen as: Broadcast when the file is dropped to a server.

When setting up the campaign, a dedicated FTP location is set up to accept files that will trigger this campaign. The Content portion of the campaign flow remains unchanged, but does allow you to personalize the message via additional columns found in the File Drop Campaign.  Below, you will find the variations for launch options, the ability to add a sample file, and the variations in audience selection.

Scheduling Options

When dropping a file to the server, the campaign can be sent...

  1. When a file is dropped - The campaign will begin to process and send immediately when it recognizes the file has been transferred on the server.

  2. With a delay of - The campaign will begin to process after some amount of time has passed (hours, days).

  3. At - This allows the campaign to wait until a specific time and optional a specific day of the week before processing and sending.

Loading a Sample File

The sample file should allow the user to upload an example file from their desktop of what the dropped file will look like. This sample file will help in the Audience Selection process so that we can pre-populate properties for easier targeting.














Variations in Audience Selection

For a single version campaign, no audience selection is needed, as everyone in the file will receive the single version of content that exists in the campaign. However, for multi-version campaigns, you can use the properties of the file to determine who will receive which version.

Campaign will auto-archive after 30 Days